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amandabhslater ADMIN May 8, 2015
For qualifying buildings see Statutory and Local lists below. To search the group pool please use the CITY OF COVENTRY LISTED BUILDINGS INDEX - see below. Contributers will notice the recent addition of 3/4 letter tags to their photos, as indicated on the index. This allows pool photos of each building/road to be accessed easily. Please tag your pictures appropriately before adding, if possible. Thanks.

Group Description

Please post photos of those buildings that appear on
Coventry City Council's Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest
City of Coventry. Local List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historical Interest

Adding tags as listed next to the building/street in the INDEX below will enable the easy accessing of all photos in the pool and will also serve to show more readily which buildings we have in the pool and which we do not.

Abbey Road, Whitley. Whitley Abbey Bridge WAB
Albany Road Earlsdon. Wardens House to St Thomas Church WHAR
Albany Road. Earlsdon Methodist Church EMC
Alderman's Green Road. Alderman's Green. AGRD
Allesley Old Road. Allesley/Chapel Fields. AOR
Allesley Hall Stables AHS
Allesley Hall Dovecot AHD
Allesley Hall AHALL
Baginton. Site of the Roman fort at the Lunt LUN
Banner Lane. Tile Hill. BLTH
Barkers' Butts Lane. St George's Church SGBB
Barkers' Butts Lane. "The Cedars" Public House. CPH
Barras Lane. Spon End. BALA
Bayley Lane. CBL
Bayley Lane. Draper's Hall DRH
Bayley Lane. Medieval Basement. MBBL
Bayley Lane. St Mary's Hall SMH
Bayley Lane/St Michael's Ave. Ruined Cathedral Church of St Michael SMOC
Beaumont Crescent Coundon. St Catherine's Well SCW
Belgrade Square BSQ
Binley Road/Stoke (Copsewood) Copsewood Grange & Grange Lodge CPW
Binley Road/Stoke Green. Pattison's Dancing Academy (former 'National' School) PDA
Birmingham Road, Allesley. All Saints Church ASA
Birmingham Road, Allesley. BRA
Birmingham Road (A45). MGA Developments Factory. BRA45
Blackberry Lane, Wyken. Green Farm. BLW
Bond Street. Central. TWT
Brandon Road, Binley. Binley Common House (The Cocked Hat PH). BCH
Brinklow Road, Binley BRR
Brinklow Road, Binley. Church of St Bartholomew. The Vicarage SBB
Brinklow Road, Binley. Coombe Abbey. BRCA
Broadgate. BGT
Broadgate. Lady Godiva Statue. BLG
Broad Street. Foleshill. Broad Heath School.BSF
Broad Street. Foleshill Public Library.FPL
Burges. Central. BURS
Butchers Lane, Allesley. BLA
Butts Spon End Coventry Technical College.BSE
Cannocks Lane Canley 1 & 2 Canley Hall Farm Cottages. CLC
Canterbury Street Hillfields Singer Hall (former Singer Works Office Block).SGR
Canterbury Street, Hillfields. St Peter's Church. SPH
Cash's Lane, Kingfield. CLK
Catesby Road, (North) Radford. "The Pilot" Public House. PPH
Charles Street, Hillfields Nos 1,2 and 3CHST
Chauntry Place/Cook Street/Hales Street LHG
Church Lane, Upper Eastern Green. St Andrew's Church. SAEG
Church Walk. Allesley. CWFA
Clay Lane, Allesley. Oaklands Farm. OFA
Clifford Bridge Road, Wyken. Hungerley Hall Farm House, Granary, Cow Shed, Stable and Barn. CBRD
Coat of Arms Bridge Road, Stivichall. COA
Cook Street. City Gate. CSG
Cook Street/Chauntry Place/Hales Street LHG
Co-operative Street. Alderman's Green. AGCP
Coundon Road. (Lower) Coundon. CRD
Craven Street. Chapel Fields. CST
Cromwell Lane, Tile Hill. CRL
Cross Cheaping. Central. CRCH
Cuckoo Lane, City Centre. CULA
Dover Street. Spon End. Dover House. DST
Drapers Fields. DRFS
Duggins Lane, Tile Hill. DLA
Duke Street. Chapel Fields. DSC
Earlsdon Avenue (North & South) EAV
Earlsdon Street. City Arms Public House. CAPH
Earl Street. The Council House. COH
Engleton/Radford Roads. Radford. St Nicholas' Church. SNR
Fairfax Street. Coventry Central Baths. CCB
Far Gosford Street. Gosford. FGS
Farren Road, Wyken. Caludon Castle. FRW
Fleet Street. Church of St John the Baptist. SJB
Foleshill Road. Foleshill. FHR
Gloucester Street. Spon End. GLST
Gosford Street. Central. GOST
Greyfriars Lane. Ford's Hospital. FDH
Gulson Road. Gosford Green. GURD
Gulson Road. Whitefriars WHF
Hales Street. HST
Hales Street/Chauntry Place/Cook Street LHG
Hall Lane, Walsgrave. Church of St Mary. HLW
Hay Lane. City Centre. HAL
Hay Lane. The Golden Cross. GCHL
Hearsall Lane. Chapel Fields. Church of St Mary Magdalen. HLCF
High Street. Central. HIST
Hill Street. Central. HLST
Hillmorton Road, Wood End. Church of St Chad. SCWE
Hinckley Road, Walsgrave on Sowe. HKRD
Hollyfast Lane, Allesley. Hollyfast Farmhouse. HFM
Holyhead Road. Spon End/Allesley. HHR
Hurst Road. Longford. HRLF
Hurst Road. Longford. Church of St Thomas. TSLR
Jardine Crescent, Tile Hill. Saint Oswald's Church. SOJC
Jordan Well. Central. JOWL
Kenilworth Road, Stivichall. Coventry War Memorial CWM
Kingsland Avenue Chapelfields KACF
Lady Lane. Longford. LYLF
Leamington Road, Stivichall. Church of Saint James. SJLR
Leicester Row, City Centre. Canal Warehouses. LRCW
Little Park Street. LPS
Lockhurst Lane, Foleshill. Courtaulds Buildings. CLHL
London Road. Charterhouse. LRCH
London Road. Cemetery. LRCM
London Road Shortley Sluice gate over River Sherbourne (Charterhouse).LRSSG
London Road. Toll Bar End. TBE
London Road. Whitley Pumping Station and Lodge.WPS
London to Birmingham main railway line east of the A4082. Sowe Viaduct.SRV
Longford Road. Longford. PHLR
Lonscale Drive. Styvechale Grange.SVEG
Lord Street. Chapel Fields. LSCF
Lower Holyhead Road LHR
Lower Precinct. Cullen Mural CULL
Lower Precinct. Round Cafe RCAF
Manor House Drive. Cheylesmore Manor.(Registry Office). MHD
Meadow Street. Vignoles Bridge. MSVB
Moat House Lane. Canley. Moat House. MOHL
Moor Street. Earlsdon. MOOS
Mount Street. Chapel Fields. MSCF
Much Park Street. City Centre. MPST
New Buildings. City Centre. NWBS
New Union Street. Christchurch (Greyfriars) Steeple. NUST
Norfolk Street. Spon End. NFST
North Brook Road. Coundon Green. NRCG
Northumberland Road, Spon End. Old Waterworks House. OWH
Oak Lane/Bridle Brook, Allesley. Beech House. OLBH
Old Church Road, Foleshill. Church of St Lawrence. SLF
Paynes Lane. PALA
Percy Street. Spon End. PCST
Pickford Green Lane. The Corner Cottage. CCPG
Priory Row. City Centre. PRR
Priory Street. New Cathedral of St Michael. NCSM
The Quadrant, Warwick Row. QUWR
Queens Road, City Centre. QRD
Robin Hood Road, Willenhall. Church of Saint John the Divine. RHRW
Ryley Street. City Centre. RYST
Saint Mary Street Central Council Offices (including Old Police Station). SMST
Saint Nicholas Street. Radford/Drapers Fields. SNST
Sandpits Lane, Keresley. SPLN
Sandy Lane, Radford. SLR
School House Lane, Walsgrave on Sowe SHLN
Shilton Lane. Walsgrave on Sowe SHLA
Spon End. Spon End. SPED
Spon Street. City Centre. (See also Upper Spon Street) SPST
Staircase Lane. Coundon Wedge. SLA
Station Avenue. Tile Hill. STAV
Station Square. City Centre. Coventry Railway Station. CRST
Stivichall Croft. Stivichall Hamlet.STICR
Stoney Stanton Road. Foleshill. SSRD
Sutton Stop, Hawkesbury. SUST
Tamworth Road, Keresley. Church of Saint Thomas. STK
Tamworth Road, Keresley/Coundon. TWRD
Tile Hill Lane. Tile Hill. THLN
Trinity Lane, City Centre. Holy Trinity Church. HTCH
Trinity Street TRST
Upper Hill Street. Central. RC Church of St Osburg. UHST
Upper Spon Street. Spon End. USPS
Wall Hill Road, Brownshill Green WHR
Walsgrave Road. Stoke. St Michael's Church.WRS
Walsgrave Road. Stoke. WRST
Warwick Lane. Central. WLN
Warwick Road. Central. WRD
Warwick Row. Central. WROW
Washbrook Lane. Allesley. WBKL
Westwood Heath Road. Church of St John Baptist. WHRD
Wilson's Lane. Woodshires Green. WLWG
Windmill Road. Longford. WLLF
Woodway Lane, Walsgrave on Sowe. WWLN
Wyken Croft. Wyken. Church of St Mary Magdalene. MMWC

Group Rules

Only photos of Listed Buildings in the City of Coventry to be posted in this group pool please.

Additional Info

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  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
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