mollyfatale 3:54am, 21 February 2007
i am shooting with an automatic 220 ( and i recently bought a pack of color film for it. but when i shoot the images, and pull them out of the side, the pictures are just these big color blobs with no distinguishable images. why is that?
maireadaseacht 14 years ago
Is there a setting for film speed on that camera? Like a choice between 3000 or 75?
c|b|a|w|c|d 14 years ago
check out this site. use the pull-down menus to choose the camera model and to navigate between the manual images.

does the camera have a fresh battery? the 220 takes a '531' battery, now called a PX19 or a A19PX battery made by a company called Exell.

are you developing the picture correctly? pulling the white tab all the way out, pulling the film tab in a straight, smooth, 'at medium speed,' without slowing or stopping, etc. check out the above manual image site, look under the 'develop picture...' menus.

are the camera's rollers clean? if not, clean them with a paper towel soaked with warm water.

it could also be that the film may be *really* expired. how old is the film? with expired film, sometimes it's hit or miss.

and like maireadaseacht said, set the camera's film setting to '75' and move the lighten/darken dial 1 or 2 marks toward 'lighten.' you may have to play around with the L/D control to find what works for you.
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