Adam Lawrence 5:03am, 31 May 2007
Plasma Slugs 14 years ago
knew they would cash in one way or another
polite notebook [deleted] 14 years ago
rebel shake [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by rebel shake (member) 14 years ago
I called it on Nov 13th 2006

11 spring masthead

@ Melvin: I had to look up the meaning of 'kerching' You don't actually watch that sitcom do you?
polite notebook [deleted] 14 years ago
nah...didn't know it was a sitcom.
it's just the sound of a cash register to me :-D
rebel shake [deleted] 14 years ago
after I though about the word, I noticed the onomatopoeia sound in it. But the first thing I found on google was the CBBC show. I have a hard time keeping up with that crazy, modern British slang.
URBAN SOULE 14 years ago
LOL! would'nt that be CHA' ...CHING?
Plasma Slugs 14 years ago
hahaha damm konsumer yo u definatly got that one a long time ago hahah
longography 14 years ago
when that posting came up a year ago, i wrote them an email detailing that they were sellouts. they got all defensive saying they needed to share this with the world and that they would donate the proceeds to charity.

bet you they don't do sht but make a quick buck.
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