Beckbecky 6:17pm, 11 July 2008
I am a huge admirer of paste-up work. Would have a lot more pics of it in my photostream if I hadn't just gone pro a week ago.

A dear friend of mine and old roommate who used to run around crazy with me in the East Village when we were babies has cast aside her wicked ways and is marrying a filthy rich dude and leaving the country. Her heart and soul is still in NYC and I want to give them a piece of NYC artwork so she can always remember her life in the city before she moved away.

I am looking for a paste-up artist who has mounted work for sale. It can't be huge because I have to fly with it on a plane for like 14 hours and I don't want it to get damaged.

If you are an artist, preferrably one based in NYC, please contact me as soon as possible. I leave for the wedding on August 27th, and will be out of town for a week in July too.

Thank you very much!
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