Paul Henman 10:03pm, 26 August 2012
Date: Saturday September 1st and again on Sunday September 2nd.
**NOTE: Sunday's walk is cancelled due to lack of interest.

Meet: 11:30am at Marilyn Bell Park.
^^Note change in meeting point - Ontario Place is closed so we'll shoot the air show from Marilyn Bell Park and then head into the The Ex. (General admission is $16; you can buy tickets online to avoid the queue.)

Air show: scheduled to run from 12:30pm to 4:30pm.

Night shoot: sunset is approximately 8pm so we'll meet up at 7pm. Don't forget to bring your tripod!

Hashtag: please use "TOPW:AS2"

**If you're joining us later, call me (Paul @ 647-388-5356) and I'll let you know where we are.
We will need to get to the lake side early this year. We can't go to Ontario Place like last year.
chewie~ 9 years ago
I've been absent for toooo long from the walks, won't be able to make it for the air show' but will meet up for the night portion on Saturday!
Georgie_grrl 9 years ago
^ Who the heck are you again?? The name vaguely rings a bell ..... ;p
Paul Henman 9 years ago
Good point! Where's a good place to aim for?
PaladinPhil 9 years ago
Well, I am out this year. Going to be far from the maddening crowds.
Jay:Dee 9 years ago
Marilyn Bell Park is a good location to view the show... many performers fly directly overhead and close to the lake shore in this area... but it is off the Ex grounds.
Paul Henman 9 years ago
Off the Ex grounds is OK if we meet there (MB Park) then enter the Ex later in the afternoon. If it makes sense to shoot from there, then I'll update the walk info - do we need to meet earlier to be sure of claiming some space?
Jay:Dee Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Jay:Dee (member) 9 years ago
I've shot from there twice and there's been lot's of space, but that's also when Ontario Place was open, so I expect the place to be more crowded now. So yes, meeting there at least 30 minutes before the flying display starts is a good idea.
Moodycamera Photography Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Moodycamera Photography (member) 9 years ago
When I shoot from there before i was about a hour early to get a good spot. I would say it is going to be busy there this year,
If you come through the EX to get there you should be able to a stamp for getting back in.
Candid.Snaps 9 years ago
Not gonna make it this weekend :( Have fun and I look forward to seeing everyone's photos that will follow!
gjamesleat 9 years ago
Going back to work Sept. and a lot of prep work to organize routes and bus/equipment.
Don't think I'll be there.
Charlie.Man 9 years ago
Haven't been out to one of the walks in a loooong time. Definitely gonna try to make it for Saturday! Need longer lens for airshow though =S
reflexrick 9 years ago
I'm down for a maybe. Have to make sure the huricane doesn't head this way before making a decision.
Paul Henman Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Paul Henman (admin) 9 years ago
I've updated our meeting point for the air show (see details at the top of this page).

Weather forecast for the weekend is dry and sunny; we may actually get to see the whole air show this year!
reflexrick 9 years ago
Question: what is the Hashtag: please use "TOPW:AS2" for? I suspect its to tag photos for inclusion in the group but I just want to clarify.

Thanks in advance
Georgie_grrl 9 years ago
^ Bingo! You guessed right Rick. :)
geowelch Posted 9 years ago. Edited by geowelch (member) 9 years ago
I'll be coming from the other direction (assuming your approaching from the East), probably on Saturday, so might bump into you guys.
BradShaw2dot0 9 years ago
I'll be there. Don't forget to get your free CNE app for your mobile device. Free Wi-Fi in most building too. Neat.
JeffStewartPhotos 9 years ago
Have fun boys and girls. I will be out of town, fighting with the rest of the city's drivers, going and coming back.
reflexrick 9 years ago
I'm in. The winds almost blew me to a Folk Festival in Cobourg but they just weren't blowing strong enough. Looking forward meeting up on Saturday.
Paul Henman 9 years ago
I don't see any interest for Sunday so there won't be an "official" walk, but feel free to use our plan (such as it is) if you do decide to go.
Paul Henman 9 years ago
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