tombarnes20008 5:47pm, 24 March 2010
Has anyone encountered problems or issues when taking photographs in hotels or resorts? I'm actually staying in a hotel right now and am scheduled to be led around the property like a terrier on a leash. Arf... At least they are kind enough to let me take photographs. Will report on how it goes. I've had issues in other hotels where they wouldn't let me take any pictures whatsoever, while other places couldn't have been more accommodating. Any experiences?
Chica-tica 11 years ago
I always take pictures when I'm staying there on vacation. I like to post them on TripAdvisor. I do take pictures in public areas (lobbies, etc) as well as rooms. Yet to encounter any problem but then again I'm pretty sly about it.
tombarnes20008 11 years ago
Most hotels don't seem to mind- at least if you are staying overnight. I have been given an adamant NO only to turn around and find them willing to let me photograph happily away later. In the most recent example cited above, I was lead around the property by a junior staff member who allowed mee to photograph most of what I wanted- provided that I didn't take pictures of guests or staff members. The pool and health club were off limits because of their private membership. I don't normally take pics with people in them so much, so this wasn't a problem for me. Some have suggested that I should shot first and apologize later, but I think asking first usually leads to better results.
Maureen Bond 11 years ago
The famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA. I got caught. The inside is really nice and worth a few snap shots but they have a lot of men in suites spread out up and down.
tombarnes20008 11 years ago
I would expect security in such a star-studded hangout to be nearly impossible to penetrate! I hope they didn't make you delete your pictures!
DC Chelovek 11 years ago
I haven't had any problems. I think most hotels have given up trying to control this since people have cameras in their phones now. It's just too hard to control. But I imagine they might try to discourage photo taking of customers, since they want their guests to feel like their privacy is respected in their hotel.
Boggs Industries 11 years ago
I've only had problems in hotels where I was not a guest, and sometimes they didn't care one day but where really strict another. It might have had something to do with particular guests at the hotel that night. One of the BEST hotels to shoot at is the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables (Miami), Florida. They have even been host to photo groups, and sometimes have tours of their high end suites open to the public.
tombarnes20008 11 years ago
I'll have to take note of that. I hope to see the Biltmore in August.
bunæn 9 years ago
Sometimes you just have to resort to voyeurism.

Actually, this was taken during a street dance, and everywhere, everyone was dancing, inside and outside the City Hotel that night. I was one of many watching the hotel's help boogie down.
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