RicoSuave67 10:26pm, 23 June 2017
So it's all over the internet about this slip of the tongue by a DJ...
In June 2017, English musician Goldie referred to Banksy as Rob (or Robert), during an interview with Scroobius Pip. It has been argued that Goldie could have been referring to either Robert Del Naja, Robin Gunningham, or neither of them.

However, he wasn't the first to say Robert Del Naja was Banksy...
In August 2016, Scottish journalist Craig Williams published an investigative piece in which he connected the timing of Banksy's murals with the touring schedule of the trip hop band Massive Attack.[121] Williams put forward the suggestion that Banksy's work could be the work of a collective, and that Banksy themselves may be Massive Attack's frontman, Robert Del Naja.[122][123] Del Naja had been a graffiti artist during the 1980s prior to forming the band and had previously been identified as a personal friend of Banksy.[121]

Whoever he is, keep up the good work!
London Dada 2 years ago
Banksy ( RG ) can be seen for real on our dedicated web page. You won't see it pushed in the main media because when push comes to shove there's more copy to be $old long term with the Bristol art bandit mysterious and perpetually in the shadows, rather than our flash-in-the-pan - though real -expose.
But this really IS what the great man looks like - we photographed him and his 24/7 work assistant / lookout in 2014, plus he inadvertently ( we presume) appears on his own video of the Balloon Girl shredding stunt at Christy's London, October 2018.
Kindly note this thread had been going uncensored or comments removed - until we expect very shortly ( posted 20.50 GMT on 17th jan 2019 ) which will prove we have the man here; Search; London Dada Banksy Unmasked for Real
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