Gabrielle1965 (On & off) 3:17am, 19 January 2016
This is obsolete: our new sweeper now counts photos that are both awarded AND faved!

To our members who follow all the group rules, we want to say thank you for being fair to other members and making the admin’s job easier.

Many groups will employ ‘Sweepers’ that check for comment/award codes for the group. There is not one that we are aware of that is capable of checking to see whether the photo commented/awarded has been faved by the member who put the comment/award. Admins in our groups are physically checking photos regularly to see that members who post a photo also comment/award and fave two other photos in the group. Sometimes we will even check a member’s faves on their flickr page.

Unless you put a group comment/award code on another photo in the group, Admins. will have no way of knowing whether or not you faved 2, or even a hundred photos in the group. We search for our group comment/award code and then check to see that you also faved that photo.

Admins are also checking to see that photos posted have the correct amount of faves for the group, and if a photo has been re-posted, or back-posted from a higher group. Those photos not meeting those aspects of the group rules are removed.

Our group comment/award codes say ‘my fave.’ When our members see the comment/award code, a fave is also expected. Our group rules clearly state that members are to comment/award AND FAVE 2 other photos in the group when you post. (You may comment and fave more than 2 other photos, if you wish.)

Our groups are growing daily, we have many members and photos in the groups. All of this work by the admins is time-consuming, however the admins are dedicated.

Sometimes the Admins will put a message on the group comment/award code on a photo to ask a question or give a reminder or even a warning. Please take the time to review the comment/awards on the photos you post in our groups. If there is a question from the Admins., please answer via Flickrmail. Admins do not have time to send Flickrmail to everyone to ask a question, so please be aware of any messages or questions that Admins. attach to the group comment/award code.

We will advise that there is zero-tolerance for members who do not follow the group rules.

Members who do not follow the group rules will be, and are being, banned permanently from the groups.

We want our groups to be enjoyable and fair for everyone. So keep posting those great photos of yours. Keep following the group rules, and keep showing your support and respect for other members’ work.

If you have any questions or need any clarification of the group rules, you may contact the admins. by Flickrmail.

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This is obsolete: our new sweeper now counts photos that are both awarded AND faved!
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