silent cup [deleted] 7:24pm, 7 January 2006
Just want to make sure before I submit them, are photos like these appropriate? I took them yesterday in the St. Louis Art Museum, I was not really in Egypt, of course. But I ask because they are the final resting places of these people. So...?? :)

Of course, there are more, too:
Dio Bach 16 years ago
Fine for me. :)
grilled cheese 16 years ago
Looks great to me too!
_barb_ 16 years ago
hmm... they show neiter a "graveyard, cemetery or headstone". It's not what I'd be looking for when going through the pool.
gabagoo 16 years ago
I kinda agree with barbfi.
If the tomb they were in were pictured, that would be another story.
This is like taking pics of coffins.
That's my 2 cents.
Stargazey 16 years ago
No need to be too picky! I think they are great pics, and show the diversity of cultures where death is concerned. Also museum photography is not easy and these are really well taken!
Claudecf 16 years ago
They sure are great pics, but I am with barbfi, they are not photos taken in a cemetery or a graveyard, neither are they tombs.
Dani Batz Posted 16 years ago. Edited by Dani Batz (member) 16 years ago
Technically they are coffins so they are related enough to graves I guess. Maybe we should include coffins?
silent cup [deleted] 16 years ago
thanks, all
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