The Church Collector 8:23pm, 29 July 2005
found this usefull like for what symbols mean, its a bit basic but I hope to learn more

this one looks better though for more detail
the8rgrl 16 years ago
thanks for the links...out of curiosity, do you have any recommendations for good books about the practicies of burial, cemeteries and the like? i want to order a good one sice i can't find one locally, and with ordering, you can't really thumb through it...
Lynn Morag 16 years ago
Super set, Leo!
Lucid Nightmare 16 years ago
These are really informitive links, thanks for posting them.
Auntie P 16 years ago
I have found this a quick and useful guide too.
Dizzy Girl 16 years ago
Interesting links. Thanks so much.
TooLoose-LeTrek 16 years ago
There are a number of books on symbolism that might be useful. One that I see often in used bookstores is A Dictionary of Symbols by J.E. Cirlot. If memory serves me, I think Barnes and Noble has recently published this one by their own press and sells it cheaply. This one was originally in written in Spanish.

Another good one I have is An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols by J.C. Cooper, published by Thames & Hudson, (c)1978.

And one more...The Continuum Encyclopedia of Symbols by Udo Becker, the Continuum Publishing Group, (c)2000.

All three have illustrations. Keep in mind these are book on symbols in general and not specifically those found in cemeteries. The symbols found in cemeteries will be found in these books.
Leo Reynolds 16 years ago
Happy.Phantom 16 years ago
Thanks for all the links everyone. I'm going to Borders today in hopes of finding one of the books listed or, better yet, a book on cemeteries and headstones.
Lucid Nightmare 16 years ago
This is a very interesting site, it breaks things down into different categories, it even has the meaning of different offerings left. Great site, I highly reccomend it.
Leo Reynolds 16 years ago
Handy sized book on Cemetery Symbolism and Iconography:

UK Amazon: Stories in Stone

US Amazon: Stories in Stone
Happy.Phantom 16 years ago
Thanks Leo. I bought the book and have been stuck to it like glue. Incredibly informative and just what I was looking for!
Leo Reynolds 15 years ago
Amy Johnson Crow Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Amy Johnson Crow (member) 15 years ago
A book I highly recommend on the subject is Stories in Stone: A Field Guide to Cemetery Symbolism and Iconography by Douglas Keister (Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 2004). Reasonably priced, available on Amazon, etc. The book has marvelous photographs, great descriptions, and is small enough to carry with you to the cemetery.

Sorry, Leo. I didn't see you had already posted it. I think that means two things: (1) great minds think alike ;-) and (2) I shouldn't post before I've had breakfast.
Leo Reynolds 15 years ago
No problem. The book is so good it deserves another plug :)
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