New here

Deo P. 2:40am, 23 March 2007
Glad to have found this site. I'm a professional photographer based in the Philippines and I like taking landscape photos, including memorials and cemeteries. Some of my photos:

One among the many


The rest are here:

Thanks for looking.

Deo P.
ultra weight [deleted] 15 years ago
The two photos above are fantastic. Are they war graves?

Welcome to the group.
HughofBardfield 15 years ago
Very cool images. I particularly like "One among the many"
Darlington girl 15 years ago
The two pics are awesome! I am now going to check out the rest of your pics!
Pete_Robinson 15 years ago
Fabulous pictures, I'd be interested to see what the originals look like
YawningDog 15 years ago
I love your photos and the way you post-p. I can see why you're making a living from shooting. Wonderful work!
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