Loretta Stephens13 8:20am, 24 March 2007
I just thought that I would send out a feeler for other photographs of Montreal graves, tombs, and, or, cemeteries.
If anyone have any photos for this particular discussion area please, feel free to post as many as you like.
And don't forget to say something about your shot, give us some details.

Thank you.
Loretta Stephens13 15 years ago
Lace copy

This was shot in Mount Royal Cemetary. From what I remember, this grave seemed really old.It was the first time since ever being in Mount Royal Cemetary, that I have seen a grave with it's own gate.
Photographically, it is quite beautiful, though..
ultra weight [deleted] 15 years ago
I love the sepia treatment you have given your shot. I've never been to Montreal, but fences around older graves are/were common here (Australia). See: and
Loretta Stephens13 15 years ago
Thank you for your nice comment. I never knew that gates around tombs were such a common trend in australia. Even around older tombs.
I know it sounds creepy but .I would love to find some more of these older tombs. They appear to have so much character.
samuelgagnon 15 years ago
Will someone ever find the tomb where it says FUCK YOU with the first letter of each phrase of the poem written on it. And take a new pic?

Apparently it was arranged by the wife and the mistress of the dead guy and I have seen the photo circulating for years on sites such as but to this day I haven't seen a new photo of it. It is found on the Mont Royal cemetery.

I haven't got the picture at hand but Im sure many will know what I am talking about

Cimetiere Cote des Neiges was where i discovered the many opportunities to be found in photographing cemeteries - all my grave shots are from there (and still more to be uploaded). they can be found in this set for anyone who's interested. I'm just disappointed that i'm no longer living there and won't get the opportunity to visit in spring, when all the trees are in their full glory, as it looks like it would be beautiful there then.
Loretta Stephens13 15 years ago
Offering copy
Loretta Stephens13 15 years ago
Angel Sleeping #2
Loretta Stephens13 15 years ago
Angel Sleeping #3
Loretta Stephens13 15 years ago
The Gift(Sacrafice)
Things Archival 15 years ago
I have, for many years, longed to have a photo of the family plot of Horace Greeley Young, a noted Canadian mine manager, in Mount Royal Cemetery. Alas, I have never been to Montreal, and won't be in the forseeable future.
Loretta Stephens13 15 years ago
Well, I can't promise anything but I will try to keep an eye out for this gravesite when next I go to Mount Royal.
This could be for some time yet, though...
If I see this gravesite I will see what I can do about taking a picture of the gravesite for you and posting it here for you to see.
Fingers crossed...
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