Dio Bach 7:53pm, 25 August 2005
In response to member's requests here could all members restrict their posts to 3 images a day, rather than posting in big floods.

It aids the ability of everyone to surf the new images.

Don't forget as well - get yourself a feed of the newest images by subscribing to this RSS feed - If you've never used RSS then get a free account at - its a great way of keeping up with new stuff on flickr.

Dio Bach.
Lucid Nightmare 16 years ago
Thanks Dio Bach!!! You are the man! It is nice to have an admin that cares and is open to members suggestions.
danakay 16 years ago are the man!!!
cindy47452 16 years ago
I'm sorry about posting all my Cave Hill Cemetery pics yesterday. I didn't realize there was a 3 per day limit. I will remember this in the future. Very sorry if anyone was offended.
best shop [deleted] 16 years ago
Glad I read this before posting photos!
cindy47452 16 years ago
Yeah, I didn't read it and posted a zillion, then felt bad over it. My bad.
Matt Niemi 16 years ago
It doesn't look like people are capable of not posting 3+ in a row.
boundless year [deleted] 16 years ago
Limiting it to three a day is a great idea - - many pools ask only to limit to no more than three in a row, meaning someone with a huge reservoir will post three, sneeze while someone else slips one in, and then continue...
Claudecf 16 years ago
I apologize, I hadn't read that part! Won't do it again :)
Simon Crubellier 16 years ago
Yikes - sorry; I'll get deleting...
BasiliskSam 16 years ago
Oops - sorry. But why?
crystallyn 16 years ago
Ack, I of course, read this apologies!
wilfredo pascual 16 years ago
sorry about going beyond the 3 limits. i posted my pics before i read the memo.
synapsidchrome ☼ 16 years ago
As Seen Through Hazel Eyes has been very naughty, having just posted 11 in a row!

I think a sound beating for this transgressor is in order, or he can buy us all drinks.
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