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Hiro.Morison (Tokyo, JAPAN.) ADMIN March 3, 2012
Welcome new members!
To protect the group and all its members, the group is an invite-only members group. This is to prevent any infiltration by hackers or other undesirable elements. We also want to stress the dangers of graphics in comments. They often carry malware. This is why the administration has created so many groups, as a safe haven for all their friends.

This group discussion is for members only.

Group Description

Lotuses & Water Lilies ~ Flowers Only
This is a group for high quality photographs of lotuses and water lilies.
The Other plants are not accepted.
The image in contradiction to the social morality is deleted.

Please upload high quality images.
We expect your very best, and low quality images and group-innapropriate images will be deleted without notice.

Thank you for your cooperation.

It has been reported by research of the latest botany that it is considerably separated from Lotus and Waterlily of the close relation.
Therefore, a lotus may be separated from Nymphaeaceae in the future.
However, in this group, it catches easily and declares treating both as a motif according to everybody's custom.

Hoc est coetus pro quale magni imagines lotuses et aqua lilia.
Herbas quae non recusandae.
Contra mores cuiusque imago delevit.

Placere upload quale magni imaginibus.
Expectamus vestros, ipsa optimus, et low qualitas imagines et group-innapropriate visorum, delebitur nusquam senserit.
Wisi enim ad minim cooperatio.

Autem relatum per inquisitionem tardus botanicae quod aliquanto separata a Lotus et Waterlily a conclusione relationem.
Ergo potest separari Nymphaeaceae lotus in futurum.
In hoc vero et coetus, eam captat facile et declarat ageretur et sicut ARGUMENTUM secundum omnium consuetudinem.

これは蓮と睡蓮の花のクオリティーの高い画像だけのグループです。みんなで楽しみを分かち合いましょう。ただし、荒しをする人は BAN!! します。グループと関係ない画像は断り無く削除します。最後に、ご協力感謝します。

最近の植物学の研究では、ハス と スイレン は類縁関係がかなり離れていると報告されています。そのため、ハスは スイレン科から将来切り離される可能性があります。

Group Rules

- No people and pet photos.
- No photos of insects and animals.
- No buildings or structures.
- We will delete the image subjected to the effect extremely.
- Naming appreciated, but not required.
- Please note camera and lens used, if this information is available.
- No pasting of graphics, banners or self-promotions in comments.

- 人々がいない画像であること。ペットの写真や - 昆虫や動物が写り込んでいない画像であること。
- ビル以外でも、人的構造物が無い画像であること。
- 画像のへのタイトルは、歓迎しますが、必ずしも必要ではありません。
- 後進の人たちの参考になるように、使用されるカメラとレンズに関する情報を記載してあるとなお良いです。
- コメントにおけるグラフィックスやバナー、または自己宣伝を貼らないこと。

(that will get your images deleted, and may get you banned from the group)
・Low Quality Images
・We do not accept Photos of Children.
・Images of Children (Including Teens)
・We do not accept "Tilted Intentionally Horizon" Photos is We do not accept.
・Erotica of Any Kind
・Shock Value or Grotesque Images of Any Kind, Including Insect Larva,
・Political Images of Any Kind,
・Images of War

Administrators are founding members of the following

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Flower Photo for Professional Photographers.
Flower Photo for Encyclopedias

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Voigtlander Apo-Lanthar Lens Users Group
Zuiko Macro Lens Users Group (Nature Only)


Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 20 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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