rick421 2:03pm, 16 February 2013
So what is in or joining the fleet at the moment.
As far as I'm aware The current Fleet Is:
Vario's: W963 JNF, Y133 LTF, RL51 ZLN, RL51 ZLO and RL51 CWA
Step Dart's: P457 EEF (in stagecoach livery) and a N-reg one
Long Dart SLF: 1. W378 SVV (?)
Versa's: 4. Branded for routes 72/82
Caetano Nimbus's: 2
Optare Solo's: 4. One with blinds and seatbelts.
Merc 709D's. N906 NAP (Stagecoach livery), N729 RDD (in stagecoach livery) and N907 NAP. I think these are spare.
And 3 ALX200's. Two entred service
4 MPD's. 1 entered service.
The full fleet is avalible to download on Excel
rick421 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by rick421 (admin) 8 years ago
W963 JNF has got is on loan to someone now.
rick421 8 years ago
Traveline has got the new times for the 30/31.
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