mystique123_2000 3:14am, 4 August 2011
I have not been able to add a single photo (to Groups) since the upgrade. My safety level remains the same, but I wonder if there is some other setting that I have to adjust. Any suggestions?
McClaverty Posted 10 years ago. Edited by McClaverty (member) 10 years ago
I notice that the safety level of your photostream is "moderate", and that the safety level of this group is "safe". A group with a "safe" safety level can't accept content with a "moderate" safety level.
mystique123_2000 10 years ago
Thank you - when I check on my own account it says my photos are at "safe" level. I guess it could be that the photostream is rated separately from the photo gallery, but I don't know how to check that.
mystique123_2000 10 years ago
Ok, I was able to check it, but I have no idea how to fix this. My account is set at Safe, but my Photostream at moderate.

Your safety level Your account has been reviewed as safe by Flickr staff. (What does that mean?)

Showing content from your Photostream [x]
SafeSearch is set to moderate[x]

When I go to SafeSearch, it says it is set at Safe.
McClaverty 10 years ago
I've been poking around in the FAQ and haven't found anything that covers your situation. I'd try the Help Desk and see if they can straighten it out.
mystique123_2000 10 years ago
Thank you! I'm trying the Forum, too.
mystique123_2000 10 years ago
I finally got an answer on the Help Forum. 34 of the photos that I added after the Pro upgrade were (incorrectly) set at Moderate. I still don't know how that happened, but it's been fixed.
McClaverty 10 years ago
Good, I'm glad it was fairly easy to fix.
mystique123_2000 10 years ago
It turned out to be a very bad idea to go to the Help Forum. I got a lot of negative commentary about my Photostream consisting of "other people's photos" (not true) and a report was made to Flickr about various policy violations of my photostream. I had to change about 1/4 of the book cover scans to Moderate.

Part of the response from one helper:

"There are lots of people who post pictures or scans of old book covers and ephemera, and there are lots of groups devoted to that, but posting material you did not create yourself is technically against the TOS. Unless the rights holders come after you or complain, Flickr is probably not going to do anything about it, but you should be aware that you're operating in a gray area."

Someone quoted this rule:
"Don’t upload anything that isn't yours.
This includes other people's photos, video, and/or stuff you've copied or collected from around the Internet. Accounts that consist primarily of such collections may be deleted at any time."
However I clearly stated that my photos are scans of books that I own or used to own, with a very few shared with permission.

Apparently I opened up a can of worms!
Wolfwings 10 years ago
Ignore that nonsense. That's a ridiculous rule that couldn't be enforced even if they tried. I'm sure that half the users of Flickr are in violation of this petty infraction. Who cares? It's not like the publisher is going to come after you or Flickr.

"Moderate" book cover scans...? I didn't realize we were dealign with such a puritanical site.

Just keep posting your awesome covers, you've got some of the best ones.
mystique123_2000 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mystique123_2000 (member) 10 years ago
I can't post them on this group any more since I got the policy violation warning. I've tried numerous times.If any photos in your photostream are "moderate", NONE can be posted here, and I was required to mark a number of the photos as such. They did indeed take action against me, and it seems petty and malicious.
mystique123_2000 10 years ago
The only way I can post to groups now is by invitation.
Wolfwings 10 years ago
This all happened because you went 'Pro"?
mystique123_2000 10 years ago
I started having a problem posting my pics to the group after I received a Pro upgrade as a gift, but the real problem was when I went to the Help Forum and someone reported my account as having policy violations. This was the kind of "help" that I got:

"FYI, just because your photostream has been reviewed as "safe" on the basis of your original uploads does not imply that everything you've posted is properly rated "safe." In fact, you have numerous items showing women's nipples, which are usually properly rated "moderate" -- even cartoonish sci-fi paintings of women's nipples. "

Although the people who posted on the Help Forum denied making the report to Flickr administration, the complaint was made within minutes of my posting my questions to their Forum. Coincidence, perhaps...
Wolfwings 10 years ago
That's ridiculous and disappointing to know that some people are so uptight as to police someone's book covers for offensive material like......the human body.

You should post only the covers for Farenheit 451 and 1984 from now on I suppose.
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