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cj_proartz ADMIN May 1, 2021
A.W.E. accepts unique, unusual, exceptional artistic images from women artists/photographers.
Every submitted image must adhere to the monthly theme.
May 2021 required theme:
STRUCTURES: buildings bridges, towers, lighthouses, etc., exterior or Interior, realistic or abstract.

This group has opted out of the 30/60 rule.

This group discussion is for members only.

Group Description

Current rules were updated March 2020, with only slight rewording.

I had been sending notices to inform members when they had posted images that do not fit the current month's required theme. Going forward, those images will be rejected from the pending queue without notice.

The main reason for not accepting an image is that it doesn't adhere to at least one of the monthly themes.

You may post 3 images per month. The monthly theme is REQUIRED.
Please read ALL of the rules in the section below. If you don't read them, you will be wasting your time posting images that will not be accepted.

In addition we invite images occasionally. We attempt to invite images from each individual 2-4 times each year if we can find images to fit themes.

Note that if we get to your name and can't easily find an image to fit the current theme, we add you to our list to be invited the next month for which you have an appropriate image

REMEMBER ---you can always submit 3 images of your own choice each month. We suggest you do so before the 15th of the month, when we begin inviting images. Then, if we invite an image, that one will be the 4th you were able to post in a month. If images you submit are rejected, you may submit more until 3 are accepted.

(In some cases an individual has so few images that fit our rules and/or themes that we cannot invite any.)

If 6 consecutive invitations are ignored, or you have not accepted invitations for 2 years, we will stop inviting you because it is very time-consuming to search for images, invite them, and then have to delete invitations at the end of each month if the invitations are not accepted (unless the image happens to fit the following month's theme, but that is rare.)

COVER BANNER IMAGES See "Discussions" for recent cover banners information.

Banner images are chosen from member's images posted recently. We attempt to invite from a member who has not already had an image chosen for the banner, if we find one that works well in the horizontal format. We also attempt to find one that will fit the current monthly theme, so we may wait until a few days into a month to choose an image for that month. You are more likely to have an image chosen for the banner if it has been posted within the first few days of a month.

Group Rules

RULES slightly revised January 2021, mostly for clarity
1. This group accepts images created by WOMEN. We like images THAT ARE REMARKABLE, EXCEPTIONAL and/or CREATIVE. DIFFERENT/UNUSUAL.
We prefer abstract, surreal, conceptual, highly-manipulated photo-art, or non-realistic hand-made art.
IMAGES MUST COMPLY WITH THE MONTHLY THEME which can be found at the top of the overview page and in discussions. If you submit images that do not adhere to the monthly theme, they will be rejected without notice.
Photography should have a “special something” that takes it to an artistic level of quality that far exceeds the ordinary. We prefer photos with an abstract, surreal, or artistically-creative quality to them or have unusual subject matter or points of view or be exceptional examples of quality and composition.
•1. We do not accept images of flowers, sunsets or pets (or other images already overly-represented on Flickr) unless unusual or unique.
•2. Each member may submit 3 images per month. Each must conform to monthly themes. If we don't accept one or more of your images, you may post others until we have accepted 3. If you submit more than one photo at the same time, one will be accepted and the others left in queue to be approved after more photos have been posted by others. We suggest posting 3 very different images each month.
•3. We will not accept images that use images or parts of images that have been created by others (photos, art work, clip art, photos in the public domain, or anything you have not created yourself.) If we suspect you have used images from other sources, your image will be rejected.
Exceptions: You may use textures from other sources with attribution. And you may use unidentifiable parts from magazine photos, greeting cards, newspapers, etc. when used for color and/or texture only.
If you think there might be doubt, add a note such as, “With the exception of one texture from _____, all parts of this image are my own” in the photo's description.
•4. We may invite images from members that fit each month's theme between the 15th and 20th of the month, giving members the opportunity during the first half of each month to submit 3 images of your choice, plus the ones we invite, if any.
Unless an invited image will also fit the next month's theme, we begin canceling unaccepted invitations about 3 days before the end of the month. We will keep those images on our list to reinvite in the future.
If you fail to accept 6 invitations in a row or accept no invitations for 2 years, we will assume you are inactive and stop inviting your images. You will need to notify us if you become active again.
Occasionally we miss canceling an image. If you find an invitation during later months, if you post it when it doesn't fit the theme, it will be deleted from the group pool. You may post it again when it fits a monthly theme or it may be reinvited in the future.
We invite a few images each month from non-members, in hopes of attracting new members.
•5. We prefer completed works of art, rather than sketches or works in progress. We prefer nicely-presented images without edges torn from sketchbooks or paintings on easels with background behind it. No hand-held art.
•6. We do not accept second-life images, images of famous people or other derivative work, or anything overtly sexual, violent, hateful, political or religious, nor photos of work by others unless it is incidental or in the background, not the main focus of the image.
We do not accept advertising images or those that are self-promoting. Such info may be added to the image's description, but not be a part of an image.
If much of your work falls into unacceptable categories, you may not be a good fit for this group.
•7. Note that monthly themes are usually the same from year to year, but they may be changed or the scope of the theme may be broadened or narrowed or wording may change for clarity from year to year.

Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each month.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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