Just Do It!

possible tent [deleted] 1:25pm, 31 October 2008
C'mon, you can do it. Who cares, right? Just take a photo. Doesn't have to be ALL of you. Just you or what represents you.
ellygrace 13 years ago
I think you're insane.

That is, however, why I think you're so fantastic. :)
amykant 13 years ago
what the hell, i'm in
amykant 13 years ago
i think my first photo will be me passed out with a bottle of cold meds
serious root [deleted] 13 years ago
With my life being so hectic the past couple of months, this will be fun to get my ass back behind the camera!
tarasrokadesigns 13 years ago
i will try to do this..sounds fun. i lost 4 pounds these past 2 weeks so i'm so photogenic now. LOL!
possible tent [deleted] 13 years ago
YAY you guys!! ;) now, my ass is hopped up on cold meds too - LOVERLY!!!
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