Private Pics?

* Ana.Guerrero * 8:30pm, 31 January 2008
I just realized this: all my baby pics are private. As much as I would like to share them with the world and after having a bad experience with a creep online regarding one of my baby's pic, I just can't make them public. Would this be a problem? I think so, huh?
I guess I can do this on my own in my blog for my family and friends to view too.

Pooey. Why do nasty and mean people have to ruin the joy and fun out of things. =(
verymom 14 years ago
You can add them to the group if you wish, but then only those of your contacts who you have marked as friends or family (or whatever your privacy settings are) will be able to see them.
noirbettie 14 years ago
If you add private pictures to the pool, anyone who is a member of this group can see them, but they are still private when people view your photo stream. There's no way to guarantee no creeps will join this group, but it's at least semi-private
verymom 14 years ago
Oh really? I didn't know that!
Dani esq. 14 years ago
Except, if you block someone who's extra creepy then even if they are in the pool, they won't see the photo. This, however, requires you to be alerted to the creepyness (they favorite or comment on your photo.)
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