jw4mkc 1:24am, 1 February 2008
I am new to flickr - almost 48 hours on - but still won't let mine tag publicly yet. As soon as it will, they will be added! I did join, but still nothing. THANKS!!
Chrystalyn 14 years ago
Me too...i tagged mine and they didnt show up either. :( Im confused Are you a pro acct? Im not...i wonder if that has anything to do with it?
jw4mkc and Chrystalyn ... I see both of your pictures here:

As long as you add each image to the 'group' we'll all see them.

I think quite a few people are having the tagging issue, but with the new group, you don't need to look by tag .
Chrystalyn 14 years ago
Right on! Thanks!
verymom 14 years ago
Yeah, add the tag if you can just because in theory it'll help people find the photos outside of the group, but the most important thing is adding them to the group :o)
jw4mkc 14 years ago
Yeah, mine are appearing in the group when I add to group on each one, just not on the public tagging.
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