verymom 6:39pm, 31 January 2008
I admit I didn't really want to start another flickr group (there are so many!) but my tag idea (everybody tagging their photos with 30tinymoments) wasn't working properly.

I hope everyone enjoys the group!
* Ana.Guerrero * 14 years ago
Thank you for the invite girly! This has inspired me to take more pictures! I'm kinda in a "brain fart" right now. LOL
verymom 14 years ago
Yay! I love your new domain, btw!
gorillabuns 14 years ago
I'm so glad you started this. Most days, I'm too lazy to pick up my cruddy camera. Sadly, missing out on things I wish I would have captured.
verymom 14 years ago
Thank you! Amanda's photostream has been so inspiring, I hope our little group here can do something similar.
Spoonful of Sugar 14 years ago
I have been noticing "tiny moments" in a whole new light the past few days. In fact, I am sadly out of batteries and will be making a run to Sam's Club tonight. I am thinking of starting this with my real life friends and then making an album.
verymom 14 years ago
Oh, an album is such a good idea! I love it!
~ k j ~ 14 years ago
I'm a "Flickr Group Virgin". This is my first group evah!! :)
hairyshoefairy 14 years ago
Me, too, kj1107.

I was thinking about doing this for the month of February, but I'm excited to jump in a day early. Thanks for the invite.
verymom 14 years ago
Woo hoo! Welcome kj1107 and hairyshoefairy, so honored to have deflowered you both. Ha, that was crass, sorry. But yay! Welcome!
jaacka 14 years ago
Yay! I'm just excited to see the variety of tiny moments we have every day... especially my own, since I never really look for the tiny moments...
KYouell 14 years ago
This is very exciting. I need a project to get me snapping that shutter.

I started taking photos, but don't know if I'll be able to upload them until 2/11 (scheduled Internet install date). And yes, I think my photos will be recording the joys of moving.
verymom 14 years ago
Welcome, welcome! So happy to see the little group growing!
Yay! This is the perfect group for a family-oriented, seriously part-time photographer like myself.

I'm anticipating many more tiny moments in about four weeks, with the birth (!!) of my third son. I am crawling with boys ...
Danielle R Mahoney 14 years ago
Thanks so much!! These are so fun to browse through. And to stop and reflect on. (on or upon?) (I don't know.)
afteracupofcoffee 14 years ago
Just joined and uploaded my first tiny moment today. I hope I can see this through!
verymom 14 years ago
Welcome, welcome!
circecanadian 14 years ago
I also just joined and this is also my first flickr group. Many thanks to Andrea over at a peek inside the fishbowl for the link!
verymom 14 years ago
Welcome circecanadian! Hope you enjoy ;o)
MelissaP 14 years ago
Whew, glad this didn't get so far along that I couldn't catch up. Hurray.
tana.g 14 years ago
do they have to be taken this month? my camera is having issues where it is blowing through batteries hourly and I have some tiny moments already uploaded.
Boomkisss 14 years ago
How do I add a picture to the group?
Kim Yamaguchi 14 years ago
because I am addicted to taking photos of my kids and because I love this whole concept, I joined up! Be very glad I'm limited to 7 photos a week ;)
verymom 14 years ago
Welcome new comers!

MelissaP - that's the beauty of it, you can jump in right where you are. We don't all have to start our 30 moments on the first of February. You just jump in and start whereever you are.

reindeerland - nope! You can start your own 30 tiny moments set whenever you like and add them to the group. You can start over when you're done or do another one in the summer... totally up to you.

Boomkisss - after you've uploaded a photo to your profile, there is a small button at the top that says "add to group". Click that and add the picture to the 30 Tiny Moments group and it will appear here.

Kian - ha! Welcome!
Erin - TwoMoreSeconds 14 years ago
Just joined ... as usual, I"m a bit behind the band wagon. Oh well -- excited, nonetheless!
fallacious memory [deleted] 14 years ago
Hi! I am Hay, from New Zealand. I have seen this on various blogs and thought it looked like a fun challenge. :)
verymom 14 years ago
Welcome both of you! Jump in where ever you are :o)
eliza.fijalkowska 14 years ago
Hi, I'm Eliza from Poland. Welcome everybody!!! This is my favourite group:) I wish I had discovered it earlier... the concept is really interesting.
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