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Darren Rowse 11:40pm, 28 July 2006
Update: Thanks for everyone who has submitted to this assignement. Due to it's size (and the length of time needed to open it) I've decided to end it here at Flickr and continue it over at the Forums. You can now post your blue photos here.

Ok - it's been a while since we did a group assignment (sorry about that, but with a new baby in the house I've been slightly distracted!).

So here's a simple one that bounces off an older post I wrote on using colour in your photos.

In that post I wrote about a photographer who was obsessed with the color green - the results of his obsession were quite spectacular.

So let's spend a week or so taking photos and posting them here that focus on the colour BLUE.

Some of you will already have 'blue photos' and others of us will need to go out of our way to find opportunities to take them. But lets see what we can come up with!

Have fun friends!


PS: if you don't know how to post photos to this forum follow the steps I outline in the intro to this previous assignment.
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(401 to 427 of 427 replies)
J.Garcia 15 years ago
RainPacket 15 years ago
The assignment is late, but... hey, I only just joined, and people are still posting anyway. :)

Snowy Glass


Spilling Over the Edge
kesitian 15 years ago
Tomorrow Square
kind mist [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by kind mist (member) 15 years ago
Hello, here are some of my blue pics :

a seagull :

A beautiful blue parrot :

dark sky on a french beach (in normandy):
splendid toes [deleted] 15 years ago
This one is pretty blue.

Wings over MB
healthy soup [deleted] 15 years ago
striped cabbage [deleted] 15 years ago
Stormy Sunset
Trekdad 15 years ago
The Arch

Thanks for these assignments and for the chance to participate and improve! Here's probably the typical tourist picture of the St. Louis, MO arch, but I tried to capture a sense of motion and the simplicity of its design with this shot. Captured at the base with my great old stand-by Olympus 2100 UZ; no post-processing (but a little lens flare).
Titta Hetherington 15 years ago
AURORA BOREALISI Just started to study photography at college, thank you 4 chance to try new pics.Tiziana
Titta Hetherington 15 years ago
Radioactive Oliver in A cozy place
kamilegs7 15 years ago
TXAlleKat 15 years ago
Blue Christmas

Am new to this... but thought I would try.
jasonlumpkin 15 years ago

I took this picture shortly after getting my first digital camera.
ryan97ou 15 years ago
here are some of my latest blue ones. i am such a sucker for blue skies.

cleveland horz
This is the view from my brother's apartment in cleveland. you don't wanna know how cheap his rent is compared to mine. and my view is of the side of the rowhouse next to mine.

moon palm
I was in LA last week and i love the palms..especially with the moon peaking out to say hello.

palm duo
Did I mention i love palms? do people ever get sick of these things?

Niagara Spikeey Plane
I was also in Niagara Falls to partake in some gambling (aka: losing my money)...good thing i lost my money early, otherwise i wouldn't have ventured outside for this shot.

IMG_2283 copy
I also have quite an affliction for street signs.
j3ssl33 15 years ago
ready... jump!!!
HEFU 15 years ago
Perros Calientes - Hot Dogs

Just Light
afriscot 15 years ago
Evening in Balmaha

Taken in Balmaha, Scotland
blary_54 15 years ago
Long exposure with flame then inverted in photoshop

Blue Streaks
╢Gin ╟ 15 years ago
at the park
Here's my entry.

Sky Blue
Here's Another

Grand Oak
barbico 15 years ago
do these pictures count as blue


pschmutz 15 years ago
-sarma- 15 years ago
Apple Store - 5th Ave, NYC
Shane Woodall 15 years ago
~Sheryl~ 15 years ago
Raven watching over us
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