Dead Air 6:00am, 25 July 2011
At the Science Fiction Message Board the results are in for our 2011 Author August post-a-thon extravaganza!

The regular members, along with some visitors lured by news of the upcoming event, have nominated, as usual, a widely diverse range of authors. From SF's early pulp stalwarts to the latest hot new talent, this seventh annual event has as wide-ranging a list of writers as anyone could wish to see:

8/1 Vernor Vinge
8/2 Rog Phillips
8/3 Lewis Shiner
8/4 C. J. Cherryh
8/5 Richard Wilson
8/6 Charles Pellegrino
8/7 Norman Spinrad
8/8 Ian Watson
8/9 Betsy Curtis
8/10 Trevor Hoyle
8/11 David Brin
8/12 Peter Milligan
8/13 Bob Shaw
8/14 John Ringo
8/15 Pat Cadigan
8/16 M. John Harrison
8/17 Joanna Russ
8/18 Paul Di Filippo
8/19 Bryan Talbot
8/20 Ray Cummings
8/21 Charles Stross
8/22 Otis Adelbert Kline
8/23 Margaret St.Clair
8/24 Jeff VanderMeer
8/25 Robert J. Sawyer
8/26 Robert Moore Williams
8/27 Vonda McIntyre
8/28 Douglas Lain
8/29 Madeleine L'Engle
8/30 Philip K. Dick
8/31 John Christopher

Every day during August a different author will be spotlighted in their own thread in our Author Central forum. We encourage everyone to visit on that day and post photographs, reminiscences, cover scans, links to appropriate sites, reviews, and other reactions. With 31 days and 31 authors there's a chance to share what you know as well as to learn new things, to seek out new authors and their novels, and boldly go where you haven't explored before!

Of course these threads, and all our other author threads, remain open throughout the rest of the year as well, so you do not need to feel in any way limited to a specific author or day. However, it is great fun to check the board each day and see what the featured author has inspired everybody to post. Which author was an assistant to Thomas Edison? Which author might have been at Pearl Harbor "except for a hunch"? Which author's daughter has been at the helm of a much-enjoyed comics magazine for many years? Stick with us and all will be revealed...
Dead Air 10 years ago
Still plenty of time to post in the Vernor Vinge thread for day 1, but we've also put up the Rog Phillips thread for day 2 now! Featuring the sexiest SF book cover ever!

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