Bluepeony 6:57pm, 6 May 2005
The Citgo sign in Boston, MA is an example of a great sign, not because of the sign itself, but because of the love the people have for it. This sign is seen by sports fans as an emblem of Boston. Would Fenway Park be the same without the Citgo sign?

The Citgo sign even has a website dedicated to it!

What other signs in the world have websites, or are considered for Landmark status?

dubmill 17 years ago
Here's one that comes to mind:

Todd Ehlers 17 years ago
I imagine the real Wall Street Drug sign would fit this category.
There's way more than one real Wall Street Drug sign. They have a few hundred billboards posted on all the major roads for miles before you get there. So I really doubt that any of them are much of landmarks. But there is one sign that does come to mind as a landmark. It's in the twin cities. It's a beer billboard that's stationed before crossing a bridge and the city has tried to tear it down but petitions were signed against taking it down. I'll try to get a photo of it sometime soon and then I'll post it.

[EDIT] I didn't get a chance to post a photo but I found someone who did capture a photo of the sign I spoke of. So here it is. classic

This is by Miles1322
I am from the south. Here in Georgia we have a great landmark sign. its Called the "Big Chicken". it is the sign for Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) When you give direction around here most of them involve the Big Chicken.

It also has a Website
Umpqua 16 years ago
In San Francisco we have the "Doggie Diner" head.

From the link:
"In March 2000, the Board of Supervisors responded to a rally by members of the Ocean Beach Historical Society and others to save the kitschy sign after owner Sloat Garden Center went public with intentions to remove it from the spot it has occupied since the early '70s."
**Mary** 16 years ago
I don't see a problem with a sign being a landmark, especially if it's 20-30 years old. Great thing to use when giving directions, and isn't that one reason we have landmarks?
Evan G 16 years ago
One of the most obvious ones...

the Hollywood sign.

Also in LA, the sign for Randy's Donuts (the big donut).
hfabulous 16 years ago
While this shot was taken at night, the Bowmac sign seen behind the Toys "R" Us sign, is a recognized city landmark.

Click on the photo for details.
demiurgeiainmclaren 16 years ago
A good sign is always a Landmark
brianalaki 16 years ago
There is no doubt that the Nylex sign in Melbourne is a landmark. It has State and National Heritage Listing and has been immortalised in a Paul Kelly song.
Paul L Dineen 16 years ago
The Citgo web site probably discusses this, but I haven't looked yet, and others might not: an interesting aspect of that sign is that they were going to take it down, but the people objected and it stayed up because it was such a landmark associated with Fenway Park.
Bonnie*B 16 years ago
The associations go beyond Fenway Park -- every fall for years and years and years, tens of thousands of brand new BU and fenway-area college students have relied on that sign to get their bearings after venturing out from campus!
out of ideas Posted 16 years ago. Edited by out of ideas (member) 16 years ago
My friend lissame took this shot.

5 miles to next sign

I don't know if the locals consider it a landmark, but I sure do.

(post edited to follow the example of competent people, and make the picture actually link.)
Digital Trav 16 years ago
This sign in the town where I grew up is a registered historic landmark.

Good Place to Live
Koffiemetkoek Posted 16 years ago. Edited by Koffiemetkoek (member) 16 years ago
Yes a sign can be a landmark! The sign here is the only tourist attraction in Zagora, Morocco! 52 days to Tombouctou

Timbouctou in 52 days
broken religion [deleted] Posted 16 years ago. Edited by broken religion (member) 16 years ago
I immediately thought of this sign in Las Vegas...

From fellow Flickr member maxed.
Triborough 16 years ago
I thought of this one in Long Island City:
Pepsi Cola
regular increase [deleted] 16 years ago
a perfect example of this subject is the Big Ten party Store sign or as some people call it...the cheese cheese cheese sign in Ann Arbor Michigan USA. We saved it from being made into a scrap heap by the city of Ann Arbor!
Jeff Scism 11 years ago
Jeff Scism 11 years ago
Also the Giant Thermometer in Baker, California.

The signs at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge...
professionalwannabe Posted 9 years ago. Edited by professionalwannabe (member) 9 years ago
I'm pretty sure the big neon Walgreens sign in New Orleans is landmarked. Plus, when Walgreens applied to the New Orleans landmark commission to change that sign into an LED one not too long ago(think 2 years ago?), they rejected Walgreens' request to do so.

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