bluman 10:22pm, 6 November 2006
I'm happy to inform everyone that Moleskinerie and Notebookism will be giving away free product samples during the holidays.

Participating companies include Moleskine, Kikkerland, Ken Knight (Pentagram calendars) and possibly a popular pen maker.

Please watch this thread for updates and mechanics. ^_^

Update: 11.20.06
To join, visit
bluman 15 years ago
Ninja Guarding the Loot

Well, here's the stuff we're giving away. I will need help with the postage so we'll have to figure that out. Maybe I'll need volunteer elves? ;)
OpheliaChong 15 years ago
pick me! pick me! (arm thrust up into the air)
zone41 15 years ago
Armand, i can help.
Veronique Moisan 15 years ago
That sounds nice. Let me know if you need any help :)
Stickbob 15 years ago
I'd like to help if possible. Let me know.
miss mary jane 15 years ago
oooooh. i want free goodies.
i'll pay for my own postage..??
tonystl 15 years ago
I'll offer my help as well.
markuspalme 15 years ago
Raising my arm as well.
bluman Posted 15 years ago. Edited by bluman (member) 15 years ago
Thanks guys.

First, I need suggestions on how to go about with the raffles. Offhand, I'm considering the "random number" giveaway model used by Dharma Bum.

Second; since there may be pens/multiple items do you think we should release them as bundled/gift packs or individually ?

Lastly, like Kramer I'm still waiting for my comeuppance and will definitely need help with postage so the winners will have to shoulder that expense.

Elves can help with collating all the entry numbers and collecting winners' addresses.

Give me your thoughts.

I'm still waiting for even more stuff to come in. We will start the giveaways around Thanksgiving.

- Armand
ghosthearts 15 years ago
this is a really great idea!
OpheliaChong Posted 15 years ago. Edited by OpheliaChong (member) 15 years ago
US winners send in Self Addressed and Stamped padded envelopes?
if you put priority mail (2 lbs. and under it's $4.05)
not bad considering what you are getting. For the Euros can use a designated PayPal account....but not really sure how they can do it. need help here to figure that out.
mixed view [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by mixed view (member) 15 years ago
I don't have paypall so if I win I can't pay for the package :(
markuspalme 15 years ago
Sending a self addressd, stamped padded envelope is not a very good idea for europeans. the letter to the u.s. is 2€, the package back will be at least $6 (which is a guess based on our shipping rates). PayPal sounds good for me.
mixed view [deleted] 15 years ago
The only thing I can do is send you the money by mail.
zone41 15 years ago
Paypal, done.
xobscura 15 years ago
Paypal is certainly good.

Also, for international people - would a IRC work?
Lizzie Bartelt 15 years ago
I'm interested! instead of picking random numbers though, why doesn't the first poster pick one, the second two, etc. and then you can conduct a raffle accordingly. That way we won't have to read through a million random numbers and try to come up with one unpicked!
the wandering I 15 years ago
I'm in for this, think the self addressed, pre-paid envelope is a good idea
andy8715 15 years ago
aww I want a free one. I lust after the Moleskine section everytime I go to the bookstore.
Mark Kalkwarf 15 years ago
I'm keen to get involved but I'm not sure how the postage would work to South Africa.... Isn't there postage that allows you to send a package and the person who you are sending to pays when they get it?

cherry.echo 15 years ago
i am interested and will pay for my own postage. i have a paypall account as well.

if you need help going through all the numbers. i will be willing to be an elf as well.
Chet_ Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Chet_ (member) 15 years ago
COD, or cash on delivery - not sure if it works outside the US.

PayPal seems the best payment method. Those who don't have a PayPal account, should sign up for one.
pedro.custodio 15 years ago
Just joined the flickr group, buy I've been reading the blog for quite some time, about the decision about wether to make packages or not, I think that if people are goint to pay for the delivery costs, it's better to pay for a small package, even if it just 2 things, rather than one. The downside is that you'll cover less people! ;)
Michael John Bennett 15 years ago
Yeah im up for paypal postage payment (hows that for alliteration!).

Random Numbers sounds cool as well, so longs as im in the random numbers that are selected ;-)
Count me in for PayPal !
chadbrooks 15 years ago
whatever it takes
Dingowarlord 15 years ago
Ditto for me. I can donate some postage.
Keep us posted!
[ AJ ] 15 years ago
Hello! New round these parts. Moleskine addict (got 19, all full), I can pay by paypal.
PiperJon 15 years ago
I'm with chadbrooks, whatever it takes! - Pj
4ojos 15 years ago
Paypal and random numbers is fine to me.
fair throne [deleted] 15 years ago
I say we put all the loot in the middle of a great field and then run towards it from a quarter mile distance. Those who make it beyond the series of deadly obstacles laid out on the field before them (land mines, tripwire, poolsof quicksand), may then pick up one of the hand axes positioned conveniently beside the loot, and begin doing violence upon one another until such point that either one or none of the participants is left standing. In the case of the latter, the loot goes to charity.

Or yeah I suppose we could just assign each participant a number. But that's so boring.
OpheliaChong 15 years ago
@cinemafia: it wouldn't be boring if each number was attached to a python. :O)
chicgeekuk 15 years ago
I have a Canadian paypal account, but I'm not sure how the postage costs would work...
AlexiaPB 15 years ago
i'd definitely be OK with paying postage.
wretched circle [deleted] 15 years ago
Me too. Count me in. :)
bluman 15 years ago

PILOT PENS has just confirmed that they will be sending sample pens from their "The Ageless Collection" and of course, G2 minis!

KIKKERLAND DESIGNS has sent cool goodies too. We already have the Pentagram calendars from KEN KNIGHT.

This looks like a lot of packing and shipping. I'll send private messages to those I've chosen to help out, basically to check on the raffle entries and addresses. Stand by and stay calm. ^_^
Duncan Creamer 15 years ago
So, how do we enter? Should it be a drawing contest? Maybe we select our favourites and the one with the most win?

Any way you wanna do it, I'm in.
grannykass 15 years ago
I'm still game for a day or two in Chicago! Ready, willing and able.
chadbrooks 15 years ago
please no drawing contest cause I suck....
andy8715 15 years ago
aww man a drawing contest would suck cause I don't draw well. The reason I want to moleskin is to practice. Drawing 1 here i come, next semester. :D
gregkendallball 15 years ago
I'm in! I'm heading off to South Africa for Xmas, and would love another notebook to jot my thoughts in...
bluman 15 years ago
No, not drawing. We're doing poetry this time.

Just kidding. It will definitely be a raffle draw don't worry.
Mark Kalkwarf 14 years ago
Exciting stuff!!!!! When is the draw going to take place....
bluman 14 years ago
I'm waiting for the PILOT samples to arrive then we'll open the contest post. Drawings will be held every weekend until New Year's Eve.
(Nathanael.Archer) 14 years ago
I would be happy to participate... :)
eva_zangerle 14 years ago
I just joined the group, but I've been around for quite a time - quietly enjoying reading posts of other moleskine addicts. I know it might seem strange to join the group as soon as there is something to win, but this finally motivated me to join the group here :) Anyway, I'd be happy to participate too.
ghbrett 14 years ago
where do I sign up.
paypal works for me too
Swiv 14 years ago
I'm so participating! And I would be happy to pay postages; I'm in Europe, but paypal works for me.
bluman 14 years ago
Prepare for takeoff. Pilot is on board.

The pens from PILOT are here. We will open the contest thread on Monday. Good luck everyone!
scintillating cloth [deleted] 14 years ago
I am so in on this one. :) You guys at Moleskinerie are awesome.
normad Posted 14 years ago. Edited by normad (member) 14 years ago
i'm in like flynn
chicgeekuk 14 years ago
Marcus with a "c" 14 years ago
PayPal works for me too.. Great stuff.
Sally Bear 14 years ago
I dont have a PayPal account and they dont take my debit card, so I guess Im out, but if my number is picked please just pick another and send it to them, nice idea giving it all away :-)
Meredith1 14 years ago
This is great! PayPal sounds easiest.
Veronique Moisan 14 years ago
Paypal works great for me too to contribute to postage.
grahamspratt_uk 14 years ago
I can help with postage.
grahamspratt_uk 14 years ago
Why don't those of us that Paypal likes buddy up with someone it doesn't. To start the ball rolling if Sally wins I'll pay her postage, after all it is Christmas!
-Larushka- 14 years ago
exciting :D
OpheliaChong 14 years ago
@grahmspratt: you are the spirit of Christmas!
bluman 14 years ago

I'll inform you if there's a need for postage help. Thank you very much for your offer. I appreciate it.
peter o. 14 years ago
wow! how does this work again? poetry? :)
Mark Kalkwarf 14 years ago
Are we open yet......
k_tl 14 years ago
yes, i think we definitely are...

check out THIS INSTANT!!

but first, think of a number... *grin*
bluman 14 years ago
The 2006 Holiday Giveaways

To join, go HERE.
Mark Kalkwarf 14 years ago
My numbers in and I can't wait for the action to begin
supeep 14 years ago
I'm in!
Lizzie Bartelt 14 years ago
thanks bluman!
bluman 14 years ago
You're welcome.

Please be reminded that double entries/posts are automatically deleted so post only once and WAIT. Our comment boxes are moderated to avoid spam so it may not show up instantly but its there.
Foxarts 14 years ago
Thank thanks, I'm in too :)
grannykass 14 years ago
Remember the old song? 'Now it begins, needles and pins"
chicgeekuk 14 years ago
Also, there are some entries outside of 0-5000 that will need to be purged.
bluman 14 years ago
Thanks for bringing that up. But those won't qualify anyway.
PiperJon 14 years ago
I seem to be having some problems posting my number. I've tried it again, but it did the same thing it did yesterday when it didn't work: looooong wait, and it just clicked. I won't start pouting quite yet, but I can feel one coming! :-) - Pj
Loca.... 14 years ago
Im in too.
bluman 14 years ago

Like it says on the post:


If we don't do it this way, our comment boxes will be deluged with bots selling Vi@gra, non-functioning LCD tvs and claims to $14.5 million from your dearly departed friend in Nigeria, among other fantastic offerings.

If a person enters twice both numbers are automatically deleted (sorry I can't make the choice for you}. Please try again.
PiperJon Posted 14 years ago. Edited by PiperJon (member) 14 years ago
Ya, I saw that, but I had entered it yesterday at around 6:30 am, and by this morning at about 7:30 am, it still wasn't there, and plenty of others entries HAD been entered in that interim, and in the meantime someone had also used my number (for today's runon sentence), so I assumed technical error. I'll try again, tho, and will try to be of greater faith. - Pj
bluman 14 years ago
Unless its a double post, its there or waiting to upload. There are just too many entries coming in at the same time.
PiperJon 14 years ago
So I really need patience over faith... Hm, that's really hard for us here in the South! :-) I did a third, and will do no more forever. - Pj
OpheliaChong 14 years ago
Patience and faith is human nature. computers only know 01010101
so give it a bit of time and it will appear. :O)
PiperJon 14 years ago
grannykass 14 years ago
Congratulations to this weeks prize winners. Hope you enjoy your "gifts".

Good Luck to everyone for this Fridays drawing!
bluman 14 years ago
Thanks GrannyKass for your help. I know its a tedious job.:)
PiperJon 14 years ago
Is there going to be a separate entry process for each drawing? My entry never did make it in (I searched for it), so I'll need to know whether or not to entry yet one more time. No, I'm not pouting (well, maybe a little). - Pj
Duncan Creamer 14 years ago
my entries don't seem to make it in and I think I ended up posting twice not realizing that they needed to be approved by someone.
PiperJon 14 years ago
Duplicate entries by people are automatically deleted, at least per bluman. I posted twice, with the second time thinking the first hadn't gone thru, paranoid me. So I was instructed to post again, the third, which I guessed would have made it, but didn't. But eh, you know, in the grand scheme of things, all will work out as they should! :D - Pj
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