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cautious range [deleted] 1:18pm, 14 November 2006
OK, we have the thread in where we state where we were born and where we live now.

How about taking it one step further and make a member map?

Tag one shot - and one only - with "365 days map" and geotag the picture.

After a while we should see where people live.

The map

OK, who's afraid of stalkers or other not so nice people: Watch out that you don't geotag the exact housenumber in your village or town (which is almost impossible here in Europe, but very possible in the States ;)!

For the ones with dial-up lines: Be patient ;)
(1 to 100 of 142 replies)
ktpupp 14 years ago
I've added one of mine! Great idea!
few apparel [deleted] 14 years ago
How do we show the map with just these images?
cautious range [deleted] 14 years ago
You either click on one of the numbers and see who's behind or zoom in very close into a region.

Or what do you mean, gragsie (I played too much gothic2 today, I'm braindead, sorry :)
cautious range [deleted] 14 years ago
Thanks, but not one of my own :)
d.rex 14 years ago
@gragsie -- I think the answer is that you just click the link provided at the top of this thread that says "The map" -- it's based on the tag.
few apparel [deleted] 14 years ago
ah, there we go.
how was that link created/navigated?
just interested.
Mike Carvin 14 years ago
Done! :-)
cautious range [deleted] 14 years ago
Hehe, that's what I ment with being blah :)

If you tag and geotag photos, you can create any link / map like that.
Just copy the address of this map and replace the tag name with the one you're using.
Hope, that helps.
ambrosialove 14 years ago
This is a great idea!
cautious range [deleted] 14 years ago
at the bottom of the map is a search engine, so you can search for any tags you want and get a map easy with that - forgot all about that.
few apparel [deleted] 14 years ago
excellent, thanks.
nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!

puts on stalker gear
TheBon 14 years ago
I added my picture. I love geotagging!
maggs813 14 years ago
that was fun! i never knew how to do that before. I put my picture for yesterday that was taken at the cinema, so it wasn't my house, but close enough :)
Alina Smith: Works 14 years ago
Added my photo to the map. This is a great idea :)
ChrisCarpenter 14 years ago
cool I've always wanted a stalker
Cool! It took me a while to figure it out, but I finally added one. :D
Commence stalking.
sarahnthropic 14 years ago
i added one!
d.rex 14 years ago
Interesting how it groups them together at the default zoom level. My Dave from Denver dot got merged with the April from Albuquerque dot (thought I had been nuked from the map at first). Think it's based on alliteration? ;-)
om0j0mo 14 years ago
Yay first Brit !

Great idea Rainmountain !
Travelinjim 14 years ago
I'm in there. Thanks for doing this. Cool idea!
Bearded Jon 14 years ago
Excellent idea, Nicole. Thanks.
Lalalaa Dolce Vita 14 years ago
weird. I added mine, but it isn't showing on the map. I'm in Seattle, for the record!
On the max out zoom view, it says there are 3 in Seattle, but on closer zoom it only says 1. Is that a result of the privacy settings set by some?
I set mine to 'anyone', against my anti-stalker radar, so in theory mine should be viewable and showing on the map- any ideas? Does it just take a while to propagate?
Super cool idea!
DaveRitchie02 14 years ago
Added one of mine to the map. What a cool feature.
Echo9er Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Echo9er (member) 14 years ago
Just added 43 / 365. Thanks

12.02.2006: Just added 61/365
princessminako 14 years ago
I'm in. 15.365.
cautious range [deleted] 14 years ago
Europe isn't very busy to begin with, sigh.
Where are they all?
Wake up, look in the discussion threads :D

Did you maybe only tag your shot?
Did you geotag it as well?
fantastical quill [deleted] 14 years ago
You don't really need to tag your photos, just geotagging them is enough.

At the top of every page in the 365 group, there's the main links (discussion, pool, members) and one of them is 'map'. I''ve looked at it a few times since joining, but noticed not many people seemed to be geotagging their photos. Now it's much more active, thanks to this thread.

The main flickr boards have lots of discussions about how/why the maps display things the way they do, and there's still a lot of bugs in the system (especially outside of the United States). One thing that everyone complains about is the "Page 1 of..." feature, which means that all the photos aren't always on the map together, you have to click through different pages.

Anyway, glad to see other people are starting to use it. I'm the cluster near Detroit.
Lalalaa Dolce Vita 14 years ago
sad. I mapped it. tagged it. Deleted it and did it over again. no dice. I show up on a map of my own, but if i search for the tags, it says nope. if I go to the link from the beginning of this thread, I see an updated map, but I don't show. I don't exist. sad.
cautious range [deleted] 14 years ago
That's a different map of all the shots "in" the pool.
This one is a member map - one shot only, to sea easily where people come from and who's in your region ;)
That's what the tag's for.

Mind giving me the link to that picture?
katyhutch 14 years ago
ok, so about this... I'm currently living in Spain (until December) when I'll return to the US to live at home (near Chicago) for about a month before returning to school (in NY) until May, when I'll once again return home (until August) before returning to school...where do I live?
aldan 14 years ago
Done! :-) Added my 10 day to the map. What a cool feature.
om0j0mo 14 years ago
@ katyhutch, you can geotag your chosen picture for where you live in Spain now, then when you move back to the US you can move the picture (in the map in your organise section) and it'll change the geotagged data to show up near Chicago.
If you have several pics under the spain geotag, just drag it out of the mini-window to remove it (in the same manner as removing a picture from a set) then drag it back onto the map in the desired area in the US.

So, go get geotagging !!
cautious range [deleted] 14 years ago

Just tag the one you want to use. Take a self at the location where you are, geotag and tag it and there you go.
Just remove the "365 days map" tag from the old shot, so you only have one shot on the map :)

I just wish I would not have a slow a**** dial-up connection, sniff..... :/
megabn 14 years ago
just wanted to bring this back up to the top. I like seeing where everyone is!
Hollywood Monkey 14 years ago
I added my day 2 shot. The map is pretty detailed of this area. If you ever come through Pasadena, you can probably find the statue that is behind us and take your own shot!
Lalalaa Dolce Vita 14 years ago
I really love that this map exists! Everyone, get to tagging! Please?
I love to see how many of us are all across the globe, and I love knowing that there are at least 4 other 365-days-ers here in Seattle! Maybe some day we'll all meet...
Kaptain Kobold 14 years ago
I've added mine, thus doubling the UK representation :-)
hotnif 14 years ago
i'm in too
thanks to lasadh who give me the idea.
Rockin' Rob 14 years ago
No one would stalk me even if I paid them. So with that said, I'm in!


P.S. I guess you can count Amy as being in since we live together.
365 days of !bREgO! 14 years ago
sigh one in italy...and only 6 in europe...
mclgreenville / memorymotel Posted 14 years ago. Edited by mclgreenville / memorymotel (member) 14 years ago
I just added mine. Only 2 in North Carolina USA? Come on...

Anyway, all are welcome to come over for wine and eats now that you have my address.

I just pumped up the NC representation by 33%!
or4ngecrush 14 years ago
I've done it
Dave Mc Nally 14 years ago
This is really cool Nicole ~ great thinking! Looks like I'm the sole Seoul shootr! :-/
Carolina L. Llano 14 years ago
I've done it too! :D
ardella 14 years ago
Cool idea.
roujo 14 years ago
Since I am one of only two people in Ohio, I hereby declare myself Grand Overseer and High King.

Which, Ohio being what it is, isn't saying much.
talented thing [deleted] 14 years ago
Good idea! Done and done! =)
AsgeirM 14 years ago
We only have 92 members at the map so far, not even 1/2 of what the map can show at any given time (200).

How about we all give our contacts in 365days who's not on the map a reminder, asking them to take a picture in a public place to geo-tag it and then add the tag?

Just a suggestion =)
biglake_brian 14 years ago
Well I gave it a shot, hopefully I got it right.
Will do mine in 2 minutes!
I can't. it gave me an error message when I dropped it on. Oh well.

I'm from South bend, IN, and I was going to geotag my angry clone photo, which was taken on the west side near the airport.
christinelm973 14 years ago
Done - hopefully I did it correctly!!
thatothrgirl 14 years ago
Hi all! Just joined and tagged my location here in Oklahoma City. Didn't look like too many from around here, so I am glad to represent.

Have fun! :)
Scy83 14 years ago
I'm in as well, one more European representative.
gehmflor 14 years ago
Hi! Just added my 1st entry "Seeing Red!" to the map.
Christina♥Kay 14 years ago
I'm in!
badjonni 14 years ago
looks like I'm the first from Australia
Wooble 14 years ago
I've noticed that there are only 133 photos on the member map and we've got 3183 members. Is everyone else in the witness protection program or something?
amanky 14 years ago
and there is at least one folk in there who is listed twice... (do people not read directions?)

see seattle!
david_porter Posted 14 years ago. Edited by david_porter (member) 14 years ago
I forgot about this thread, so I added mine a few weeks ago, without mentioning it.
*Simon* 14 years ago
just added my self to it, surprised to see there very few of us from the uk
David Officer 14 years ago
added :)
endswith_y 14 years ago
Very cool idea! I just added myself to it.....
basykes 14 years ago
Me too!
gseven 14 years ago
One more dot on the map!
absurd taste [deleted] 14 years ago
I've added myself too!
anitacanita 14 years ago
I'm in...I'm the only portuguese here?
Wooble 14 years ago
Hard to say; there are 135 people on the map out of 4000+ total members. There could be hundreds if not thousands more people in the group from Portugal, and we'd never know.
Ceece56 14 years ago
I added mine! No one else from Ky or Indiana? c'mon guys!
HusseyGirl 14 years ago
I'm in!
mynameismoe 14 years ago
prince edward island, represent!
Kanttila 14 years ago
Uhm.. I did put my photo on map where I took it.. It's still quite close to my home in Vantaa, Finland. ;)
ms.Tea 14 years ago
okay i'm missing the obvious, how do i get on this map.
i see everyone stating that they got on this map, but how?
i've geotagged pictures before, but i'm lost as how to get on this members map.
betherann 14 years ago
Done! This will be fun.
Wooble Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Wooble (member) 14 years ago
tag your picture with "365 days map" and geotag/map it.
atsocasiul Posted 14 years ago. Edited by atsocasiul (member) 14 years ago
... 5 months later:
Done again (moved).
ms.Tea Posted 14 years ago. Edited by ms.Tea (member) 14 years ago
okay i checked the tag on the picture,it is tagged "365 days map", so and is geotagged,so why doesn't it show up on this map? and was when this post originally came out, how do i put that on this map?
smiling reason [deleted] 14 years ago
i've added one of mine!

australia represent!! :D
Wooble Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Wooble (member) 14 years ago
I assume you've set the "who can see where your photos are taken" setting to something other than "Anyone"; when I look at the photo you have tagged "365 days map" it doesn't tell me where it was taken.

(You can set this individually for one photo if you don't want to let people see where other photos were taken but editing the privacy of the photo and then selecting show all options)
deejaynye 14 years ago
Added myself! =)
ceaseless destruction [deleted] 14 years ago
done and done.
carolineskywalker 14 years ago
Katrīna Rasma 14 years ago
added myself.

i actually have a handful of geotagged photos... i only tagged one with 365daysmap though.
Wooble 14 years ago
Still only 190 out of 5242 members... are all of the rest of you people in the Witness Protection Program or something?
travelingjl 14 years ago
just added mine!
passionategray81 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by passionategray81 (member) 14 years ago
I added mine today!

Seems like it's not showing up yet though... maybe it takes a bit?
Wooble Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Wooble (member) 14 years ago
passionategray81 Check to make sure you allow the public to see your mapped photos; searching from your photostream says that you don't have any at all.

(You can change the privacy of just your 365 one too on the photo page)
dalefarwalker 14 years ago
OK - I'm in.
audreym 14 years ago
I'm there (all my pics are geotagged but set to friends only, now I have made my day 1 geotag public)
[¯Ô¯] Andy C 14 years ago
I'm in. Stalk away...
passionategray81 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by passionategray81 (member) 14 years ago
Ok, I think I got it now. Thanks for the tip!
*Kristene 14 years ago
Sweet! I did one!
nicholas.odonnell 14 years ago
Urs Basteck 14 years ago
Apart from pictures taken in my flat I geotag everything anyway...
TanyaTopdrawer 14 years ago
I added one of mine! Very cool idea. :)
randeclip 14 years ago
It's there!
distinct test [deleted] 14 years ago
I just added mine.
metró 14 years ago
just added mine :)
peculiar235 14 years ago
very cool! and done.
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