♔ Georgie R 8:11pm, 15 June 2020
I noticed that there were only eight photographs between the photograph I took of myself yesterday and that taken today. I looked back over the last few days and the biggest gap in the last week was twenty photos.
I started taking a daily selfie for this group on 21 April 2007. I found that photo on the group and then counted the number of photos between that and the one I took the next day on 22 April 2007.
It was a staggering four hundred and fifty-one. Plainly the desire to take photos of oneself, for this group at least, has declined by a colossal amount 😳
gaymay 10 months ago
WOW...that's kind of sad. What can we do to shake things up?
Studio d'Xavier 9 months ago
Yes, it's true George. The mighty 365 group, the grandaddy of all the 365 groups is on life support. I don't have a recipe to save it. I think it's become a habit for those few of us who refuse to stop.
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