Daniel Greene 4:28am, 5 February 2009
Sorry to be a few days late in starting this month's theme. I got the idea since this is the month of Valentine's Day. I was reminded of things belonging to loved ones when I thought of the movie Torch Song Trilogy, and how the central character's partner and adopted son had left sunglasses and a baseball hat behind in the last scene. I think his mother had left something too; I don't remember. Point is, this month's "challenge", if you will, is to post a photo you have taken of something belonging to your beloved-- whether that person is still with you or not.

Keep it family-friendly and keep it medium-sized. One at a time, please.

I will have to either find a suitable photo or take one, so feel free to be the first to respond to this month's theme (or challenge, if you will).
Mamluke 13 years ago
I'll start with my husband's violin, which was his Great-Grandfather's as well:

beckerpecker 13 years ago
I had to restore this picture of my husband's grandmother. It's a family treasure. The picture was taken somewhere in eastern Europe a very long time ago.

Boo Boo's Grandma
jglsongs 13 years ago
I'm sure there are probably many more pictures I could have chosen, but this is very special. The article highlights some of Kevin's amazing work, and he got a line drawing in the WSJ - which no one else in his company ever got!

Kevin's Line Drawing
Daniel Greene 13 years ago
A Wonderful Thing

This little thing slips over my husband's ear and makes our relationship different from any relationship in the history of the world-- up until a decade ago. Okay, not just our relationship, but everyone's. Just think of it-- when else in history could a couple spend their whole commute home from work talking together in separate cars? We can now tell each other about our day, plan our evening, list things to do... sometimes we even discuss how we feel about each other and say anything that was left unsaid the last time we saw each other. By the time we get home after one of these discussions, we've moved past all that and are ready to settle into a comfortable evening together. Mobile phone technology and Bluetooth headsets have changed our lives, and I'd say for the better!
Leilu Dallas 13 years ago
Ah yes, the dreaded bluetooth! I'm so not looking forward to my fiance getting one of these, but I know it will be a good thing....I keep telling myself that. eek!
f-zimba Posted 13 years ago. Edited by f-zimba (member) 13 years ago
I'm not sure if this would be on topic but I made this keyring for my love and gave it to him for S Valentine, so now it belongs to him, right?

keys to my heart
Daniel Greene 13 years ago
Last day for contributions to this month's topic / challenge!
rmtx 13 years ago
Ian gave me his Mum's recipe for Scotch Broth (soup):

57/365: origins of broth
Mamluke 13 years ago
We need the recipe now! :)
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