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A Million Rosaries in Honor of Mary, Mediatrix of All-Grace ( Our Lady of Lipa)

May 31,2009 - December 8, 2009


This initiative, spearheaded by the Confraternity of Mary, Mediatrix
of All-Grace strives and hopes to offer Our Lady a bouquet of 1
Million rosaries from all her devotees; the clergy, the religious and
the faithful from far and wide, both in the Philippines and abroad
who will pledge to say the Holy Rosary preferably on a specified
time and for a given number of days beginning May 31, 2009 feast
of the Pentecost and to culminate on December 8, 2009.
Our intentions for this Rosary Crusade are:

1. For the Holy Father and all the bishops and clergy of the
Beginning June 19, 2009, the Universal Church will observe the
Year of the Priest as declared by Pope Benedict XVI. Let us pray for
the Holy Father in his effort to renew the priesthood. Let us also
pray for the sanctification of all the clergy and the religious and in
particular our bishops and parish priests, that they may be fortified in
leading and guiding the Catholic faithful to a life of holiness amidst
an increasingly secularized environment.

2. For the sanctification of the family
The family is the basic unit of society, destroy it and society will
eventually crumble. In the face of the many schemes to tear down the
family, especially with the attempt to pass the dangerous Reproductive
Health Bill, let us turn to the Mediatrix of All-Grace to mediate
with Jesus, the Author of All-Graces for the Filipino family so they
will be preserved from the evil that has engulfed our society.

3. For True devotion to our Blessed Mother to flourish in our
According to the great Marian saint, St. Louis Grignion de Montfort,
“Mary is the pathway to her Son, leading souls quickly and
securely to Jesus Christ, the Eternal Wisdom” who is the source of
true and lasting spiritual and moral regeneration.
In observance of the Year of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the
Sacred Heart of Jesus as declared by the CBCP beginning June 29,
2009 let us pray for the grace of a deeper and true devotion to Mary
so she can lead us to true devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

4. For the graces necessary to guide the authorities deliberating
the validity of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, as Mediatrix
of All-Grace at Lipa.
Prior to the canonical approval of the Fatima apparitions, the
country of Portugal was in a grave state of decadence in the spiritual,
moral, political and economic sphere. But a miraculous transformation
transpired which the Portuguese Hierarchy could only attribute
to the positive response of the faithful and the subsequent official
recognition of the apparitions on October 13, 1930.

Let us pray that those who are tasked to deliberate on the 1948
apparitions at Lipa will be guided by Holy Wisdom to discern its
validity and thereafter make the necessary official pronouncements.
Like Fatima, we may also experience the outpouring of graces for
our country.

The power of the Holy Rosary has
been proven many times in the past
Let us unite and respond

Each rosary constitutes the recitation of five decades. To easily
achieve a continuous string of rosaries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
we enjoin every one to invite their relatives and friends abroad to
also make a pledge. No extra rosary is required, just add the intentions
above to your daily rosary.
To help us keep track of your pledges, kindly fill up the form and
mail them to us. You may also email or text them using the same format
below. This will be laid at the foot of the Mediatrix of All-Grace
at her shrine in Lipa and consequently offered to the Holy Father
as a manifestation of our cooperation and support in his noble task
to shepherd the Catholic faithful of the world especially during the
observance of the Year of the Priest.

Pledge form:

I promise to pray the rosary in honor of Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace

Daily ____ weekly____
From____________ to_____________
Address and Telephone Number:__________________________

Signature over Printed Name:_____________________________


Mail to: Confraternity of Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace
c/o Rev. Fr. Melvin Castro, Bishop's Residence, Tarlac City,2300
or email:
cellphone# (pledges by text must contain your address)

Your Pledges must be acknowledge by a text message
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6th National Pilgrimage to Lipa 2009

MASS IS BEING HELD in honor of the Blessed Mother

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MEDIATRIX 1948 {jun.p} 12 years ago
They already gathered more than one million pledges. Pero sabi ni Bishop Afable kanina. They are targeting 5 million naman. Let us support this rosary campaign.
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