Benkyoing 6:02am, 10 June 2008
Howdy! and Konbanwa!

Many of us are either here because we have left the concrete jungles of Tokyo, and decided to visit rural Japan. I added this post, to get things going, I will try my hardest to actually make this group grow now. So I decided to post this, so we can learn a little about each other. Im originally from Texas, aye, I don't own a farm, and I've never ridden a horse in my life, hahahaha. Can't think of favorite color is red! hah, I'm currently a college student, majoring in International Business, and I have had the priviledge of studying abroad in Japan. Hopefully I can find a career that will help me travel, since I enjoy eating the most random of foods. Going to countries where you don't know the language, its just an exilarating feeling, I couldnt describe! But just as quickly as I start my description, I will end it......g'day mates!
Corgiflore 12 years ago
Nobody ?
Well........I'm Florence, originaly from France,
and living in Sendai, Miyagi !
In Japan, I prefer country side than big towns,
so, this is a group for me.
fresh wheel [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi I'm Rob an American living among the greentea fields of Kanaya. My wife and I bought a farmhouse coming up to being a hundred years old which over the past six years I've been rebuilding. Being self reliant we do most things ourselves while at the same time striving to become valued members of our small community. I enjoy woodworking, gardening, finding new uses for old things and studying the Japanese traditional way of life.
Benkyoing 12 years ago
heya corgi, you work in japan? sendai, sounds familiar, isnt that in northern japan?

Yama Daiku, Im jealous!!!!! i bet the farmhouse was expensive even if it was land outside the city. Must be great waking up in the morning out in the countryside. :)
fresh wheel [deleted] 12 years ago
It is great Benkyoing. The summers are hot but I love the sound of the cicadas. One big misconception is that Japan is very expensive. If you want to buy a house on 5th ave in New York you better have big bucks and the same is true for every big city in Japan but once outside in the boonies land is very cheap. My farm with a house and three outbuildings cost $40,000.
Benkyoing 12 years ago
heya rob, how did a guy like yourself get setup in Japan? on business? I know I stayed there on a student visa for awhile and also did the leave to korea and come back trick, hahaha.
fresh wheel [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi Benkyo, I first came to Japan while working on ships. Then I traveled back and forth for 3 months at a time to hang out and visit friends. Then I studied woodworking and now I'm married to a Japanese doctor. There are lots of ways to live in Japan. I think maybe being an English teacher is the easiest.
tomoenk6 12 years ago
Hello. My name is Tomoe. I am female Japanese. I have been back and forth Japan and the US, and after 2000, I have lived in San Francisco. My home is Osaka and live now. I am an artist and photographer.

I have been a member of flickr since last year, and posting many photos of fine art and San Francisco, and now I feel like I will download more Japanese photos. nice to meet you. Even I am in Japan now, I enjoy looking at other images from all over the world.

Talking about living expense of Japan, San Francisco is way expensive than Osaka. My home is kind of rural area, but I am thinking to move to even more country side of Japan in the future with my partner who lives in San Francisco now.

I have researched on Inaka Gurashi, there are some spots that many foreigners move, and some country city governments encourage city people to move there, and they are renting unused old Japanese house for a very reasonable place like a 2 -4 man en (US$200-400) a month for a whole house. I think it is a good deal than living in a small apartment for $1000- 2000 month in a big city.

There are better and more stuff at ¥100 yen store than $1 store in the US, and also because of the downsizing the economy, there are many stores (clothing, electric, market) you can find in the city and country side. cheap and good haha.

whitney.barclay 12 years ago
Hey y'all!

Yeah I'm also from Texas (and New Mexico too!) and I've been living in Hiroshima as an English teacher for a year and a half now. I love it! I do love living in cities, but enjoy escaping to the country side for hikes or onsen or other various excursions!

guarded throne [deleted] 10 years ago
I am from South America and I came to Japan for Msc. and PhD. Currently I am a PhD student at Nagaoka (where nowhere becomes somewhere). It is a nice place for resting, but I really want to see buildings sometimes. I can't complain 'cauze cost of life is really cheap and people know you by your name. I also practice Aikido near here, so it keep me alive in Japan country side.
kilgoda 10 years ago
I love Japanese people!
Cécile Brun Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Cécile Brun (member) 8 years ago
はじめまして !

My name is Cécile. I'm a 25 years old french girl who loves Japan.
I'm a comic drawer and I love drawing stories taking place in the japanese countryside.
I traveled several time in Japan and lived in Niigata during one year in 2009-2010.
I took a lot of analog photographs with old cameras.

It's good to find a group on Flickr dedicate to the countryside because the images from Japan and traveling around the world are all the same : Sushi, manga, kimono, geisha...
while the japanese culture is so rich.
There also are some charming places in the big cities but it seems easier to meet people and to find warm places to stay in the countryside.

It's great to see people from different nationnality to gather around this theme.

PS: I'm sorry for my poor english...I did my best.
bertilejackson45 2 months ago
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