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(Nathanael.Archer) 7:17am, 14 October 2005
Hi there,

I have started to remove from the pool several pictures. No offense, but I thought they were not really adapted to the 'Calligraphy' pool.

Have a great day

birdfarm 16 years ago
Thanks, I was hoping you would do that.

Actually I posted one myself that is more "typography" than calligraphy. You may end up narrowing the definition further as more people add stuff.
(Nathanael.Archer) Posted 16 years ago. Edited by (Nathanael.Archer) (admin) 16 years ago
I launched a topic on the definition of calligraphy, but nobody answered except you.
(Nathanael.Archer) 16 years ago
I removed again a few pictures, mainly because there was no reference to handwriting or stylistic and rythmic writing. Or because it was only printed stuff with common typography.

Hope you won't mind.
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