oucbi_painting 5:33pm, 20 March 2007
Dear members:
I would like to invite you to participate the Visual Art Contest-China through Your Eyes,
You can goto for information.
It is perfect that you have so many amazing art works and you may create your imagination about China. Your presence would be a great honor for us.

As the organizer I sincerely invite you to be part of this exchanging cultural event! and exhibit in USA, and Beijing and Shanhai!
Thank you very much,
please contact me:
Levon Wu
I would like to participate in the contest! :) Is it possible to send my entry by mail (when finished)?

Yours faithfully,

Martijn Slegers
oucbi_painting Posted 15 years ago. Edited by oucbi_painting (member) 15 years ago
yes, if you would like to show the real piece. And it is recommended.
But if it is difficult for you, you can send with email by digital photo.
The deadline is April 13th.
just go to to get entry forms. and for more information.

Thank you very much for your participation.
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