shch_andrey 10:32am, 28 August 2007
I would like to get some positive criticism of my portfolio from you.
shch graphics group
MaNaSsEs 14 years ago
Andrey, that is a cool website! I particularly liked that web 2.0 approach. Very cool indeed. Do svidanya!
shch_andrey 14 years ago
thank you !
(Nathanael.Archer) 14 years ago
I checked a while ago. I love the sobriety and efficiency of the website. Great job and great achievements...
Rod_Sawatsky 13 years ago
It's hard to give much criticism here since you have a highly refined style and all your examples are well crafted within this style. I don't see much diversity or deviation from this style but that can also work in your favor for getting noticed for a particular strength.

i really like the simple and straightforward look of your site. Do you mind me asking how you developed the custom shape to the image popover (the rounded corner balloon callout thing)? this looks like some derivative of the Lightbox script with custom mouseovers. i'm trying to update my own site and would love to be pointed to some resources i could customize for my own needs (if you don't mind).
logan_woolf 13 years ago
Wow!! Amazing job!!! Very inspiring... Greetings from Mexico City. Logan
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