prakash6164 10:27am, 10 August 2008
Hello All,
I am from India...perhaps the land of many scripts and work in quite a few scripts.

Since time immemorial, man was, never ever, satisfied with what he (thought) achieved. He always was and is after change and variation and thats how FUSION - (One of the meanings in Webster Dictionary :.. is a blend of two styles, esp. a combining of jazz with rock, classical music, or such ethnic elements as Brazilian or Japanese music) - was born.(the music terminology can easily be replaced by the calligraphic ones)

This topic is precisely about the Fusion of two / more styles, two or more scripts; whether it is written from right to left and vi-ce ver-sa or from top to bottom...or ( I have yet to come across a script that runs from bottom to top....if somebody knows it ...please let all of us know it.)

I have had this thought since long but recently have spoken to my flicker friend "PeGGO" and for a starter we are Creating fusion of our styles and works-; albeit from a distance.

I also want to speak to all my flicker buddies and the calligraphers of the world to come out and frankly let me know their opinions and suggestions and even....

peggo Posted 13 years ago. Edited by peggo (member) 13 years ago
Hi Mate..!!
I'm absolutely agree with your words my dear partner Prakash.. :D
I'm almost never be satisfied with what I achive.. but everytime I'm doing my big efforts for improve what I could achieve.

I'm so glad with this new experience.. open many and bigger possibilities out and inside of calligraphy world.. I was enjoy to this process a lot.. cuz is a new area that I was never thought nor knew it and nor before ever explored.. :D

Nowdays "Calligraphy Scripts and Styles Fusion" concept could be transformed in a new way to make calligraphy and new way for make art expressions and comunication, so new meanings came achieved between several thoughts and custom ways, just need cheer up and go to enjoy to the travel by this new way.

I'm so thankful with you mate for pay attention on my work taking that I admire you so much as a expert calligrapher and good person.. I don't must to say it.. but this is my feel about this.

Now we must to show our first "fusion work".

Pedro [PeGGO]

highfalutin stop [deleted] 13 years ago
maybe we don't have to limit the definition of FUSION in calligraphy..
so, i think my scrap can deliver a perspective of FUSION..

Dragono Ha李m..

FUSION of alphabetical and kanji/hanzi/hanja character.. :)
mr GREN 12 years ago
I m quite new with I don t have up many photoes.........anyway,I m also in search of the fusion...the fusion between classic calligraphy and taggin' from street art............happy search to everybody.
Hi I m quite new with I don t have up many photoes.........
prakash6164 12 years ago
Thanks all for your comments and a sort of willingness to explore the newer and newer path....thats how everything is evolved.

Right now I am busy with Callifest 2008, a calligraphic festival in Mumbai, India. I have two of my works in my EXHIBITION SET. I will be adding more works of other participants.

I have bigger plans for FUSION. Let me be free from all these engagements. And then we will pursue this.

Thanks once again.

you will find here a lot of "calli-fusions" on the french-speaking portal of calligraphy :

The principle is simple. It's like the "four hands" in painting, but the distance of people force every one of a group of "callifusion" to begin a work, then send it to next one, then sending to next one, etc... at final time, ervery one of a groupreevie his own work, with other people touch on.
The rules are definited before beginning. There is many things that have been tried (many people with one paper / people make like a puzzle / work on a samebook / illuminating, etc...). Many theme (or free theme)...
You'll find all the groups who have done callifusions here :

We don't know why, but people stop to exhnage in 2006.
You can ask your questions in english on the link beside. :)

Actually, some dutch people make the same things on canevas :

I'm sorry, you may have to use google translation or other. But be sure any members of this portal speaks english and answer your questions english :)



I 'calligraphed' with hardened coloured or non coloured ink. Pen or pencil or brush or airbush is not for me to fancy around the trade. I was forced to utilise two coins to act as a pair of grippers/clippers in absence of the more suitable pair of pliers. Fusion calligraphy? I write all the languages of the world in wires. I need feedbacks on this one, please do visit my photostream.

Thank you.

MICHIGAKU 11 years ago
Your idea of Fusion to me has very little point save for those who are multi lingual in a shared manner. True you may be able to come up with a novel broadside featuring the same text written in different languages but that collaborative blend is sure to be the exception and not the rule.

Consider that generally speaking the reason Calligraphy is a term taken for granted in the East is because many eastern countries did not find any great philosophic distinction between art and science. Erstwhile Calligraphy in the West is a machination of naive arts & crafts schools only in the past century. In other words what I am trying to point out is that writing is and has been even more of a technological development as it has been an art form. Western scripts and hands especially, sense they can trace their etymology back to ancient Egypt and the Indus regions. Even more so throughout Europe there are a verity of scripts and hands called Bastarde, Bastrada or just plain Bastard, because they evolved from mixing technical and cultural ideas!

It's nice to have the luxury of thinking of writing as an artistically creative process, but I prefer to respect the realization that this was humankind's most profound effort to learn how to communicate and gain from each other the wisdom of the ages. True a most beautiful woman can sometimes assuage me but for the most part in merit and virtue Wisdom always trumps beauty!
QuicheSpaghetti 11 years ago
Hmm... merging Spencerian and Copperplate to create a screipt with Spencerian caps but with lowercase letters that swell on every downstroke?
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