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I'm the french coordinator of an international project called "Mail-Art Across the World" between 4 calligraphic associations (FRANCE : Atelier-calligraphie / NEDERLANDS : Scriptores / ITALIA :
C.I.A.C. / BELGIUM : Plumes & Calames). Take a look to the website and its galleries (in 5 langages) on

Together, we have decided to build a bridge between calligraphy lovers all over the world in order to show to everybody that incredible art called Calligraphy.
"Mail-Art Across the World" consists to display beautifully written international mail arts. Past exhibitions have taken place in museums, cultural centers, libraries,
bookstores (...) Mail-arts are displayed with their author cards in countries of organizers or every people who accepts to organize it in his town.
For this 3rd edition, I do hope you'll make this project your and help us to promote calligraphy.

How to participate?

Please send one or several written envelopes by the 1st of March 2009 to one or several of the following addresses :

Mail art across the world
24 avenue Jean Jaurès
24750 Trélissac FRANCE

Mail art across the world
Plumes et Calames
47 rue Montgomery
7540 Tournai BELGIUM

Mail art across the world
Zuidburg 57

Mail-Art Across the World
C.I.A.C Marta Lagna
Via Tullio Passarelli 67 (int. 2)
00128 Roma ITALIA

Details :
1st of March 2009 , Maximum size : A4 (U.S. "letter" format ), theme free, with calligraphy
Websites :

Emmanuel SPAETH

Association :

Mail-art across the world

Forum internet :
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