egophony 11:38pm, 9 February 2010
Hello! I am pretty much a complete calligraphy newbie who is about to do his first and only calligraphy project -- The invitation for my own wedding. It will be amateurish, I'm sure, but I'll have the pride of creating it myself (supposedly).

I guess I am looking to see if there's anything major that is wrong with my plan:

1) Buy "Invitation kits" from Target -- -- which have a usable space of about 3.5x4 inches. It's kind of heavy card stock, I think.
2) Use my printer to print faint blue rule lines on 8.5x11 parchment paper
3) Letter it (Windsor & Newton non-waterproof ink, Speedball nibs C4 & C5)
4) Take it to Kinkos to have it reduced to about 30% and printed on said cards

Am I even going in the right direction with this plan?

Thank you for your help!
MICHIGAKU 11 years ago
People spend their whole lives trying to master the pen but you figure to serve you own pride and hubris on what is perhaps the most important day in your life and and more over the life of someone you presume to honor and cherish for the rest of theirs. Next thing you'll be figuring on whittling the tombstone of your relatives with your own little pocket knife and producing the layout for it with crayola crayons!
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