prakash6164 2:20pm, 18 February 2010
Hello friends,
I am going solo from March 2 - 8, 2010 for a week in Mumbai, India.

It is called Metamorphosis 2010: Calligraphic Expressions.

I am going to post all my work ,done mostly in Ink (Black, Orange and Scarlet) and few in Acrylic, on Flickr.
Textured as well as other papers and a few canvasses are used as supports.
I want suggestions from all my flickr buddies.
This, on flickr, will be kind of on line exhibition.

I am eagerly waiting for all kinds of suggestions.

assorted knee [deleted] 10 years ago
To day I become member of your group. I like calligraphy and tried with hand made nibs with fountain pen. Do you know a great calligrapher Ameena Arora ? I love to be in tourch with her if i can find her.
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