baresilver 8:24pm, 5 March 2012
There seem to be a lot of photos showing up in the pool lately that are very obviously not self portraits. We've got a very diverse group here, with people from many different places, so I thought I'd post a reminder of the one rule there really is, and stick it into a few of the languages I see most commonly. Just so we're all on the same page. ;)
Thanks for all the great work you all do, I enjoy my time scanning the pool!


Be in your photo

Estar en la foto

Esser nella tua foto

Soyez de votre en photo

(if you think I should add another language, let me know...or if you are an actual speaker of any of these and can translate better, by all means, stick it in the comments!)
Hypppylány 10 years ago
Hello! Cool group!
In Hungarian: Legyél rajta a fotón!
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