factoryjoe 11:57pm, 2 July 2007
exPhone is a pretty simple idea -- primarily to take the enormous excitement around the iPhone and use it to remind folks to be responsible in disposing of the phones they're replacing.

This idea obviously doesn't only apply to iPhone owners -- but to all electronics owners -- it just happened to be a rather timely opportunity to get this information out there.

To make it a little more interesting, we've made it possible for you to share your photos of your new -- and old (ex) -- phones with everyone. You're encouraged to do so with your existing Flickr account and if you like, to tell the story of what you did to recycle or reuse your exPhone.

There are no contests or prizes -- it's just the right thing to do! And we're eager to see what creative ways people are making up to make sure that they can join in helping out.

Do spread the word. There's just a small number of us, but the more we raise awareness to this issue, the better our results will be!
diligent match [deleted] 14 years ago
Great idea :-)
theritters 14 years ago
Nice work Chris! I just tagged an entire set of my own photos I took of folks waiting in line with me who were getting rid of their old phones for the iPhone.
factoryjoe 14 years ago
Thanks Nate! Hey, why don't you add those photos to this group as well? The 'exphone' tag feed seems a little janky at the moment since you're photos *should* be showing up...

Thanks though and great to meet you!
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