le fluff le puff 4:20pm, 21 November 2008
I just discovered this pool and I am totally inspired to make a hexagon bag. What type of yarn works best? (cotton, wool, blend)? I have noticed that some of you use Rowan yarn. What size of hook do you end up using? I live in the U.S. I have looked around at the online stores and notice that many yarns don't come in a big enough variety of colors to lend themselves nicely to these projects.

I would appreciate any advice you could give me.

Attic24 13 years ago
I've made my hexagons in Rowan DK handknit cotton, mainly because of the colours available in this yarn. And I like the feel of it once it's made up, it's lovely and soft. Not so blankety as wool, but would be great for a bag.
Hook size for this yarn is suggested at 4-4.5mm and I'm using a 4mm hook.
see following lnk for colours:

Hope this helps
le fluff le puff 13 years ago
Thanks for your help. I agree the Rowan colors are gorgeous. I am excited to get started!
Breeze530 11 years ago
I'm just starting a baby one with Aunt Lydia's Bamboo Thread which is a #10 or bedspread weight. If it looks too light-weight I may just double it. I love the drape of this thread, it's lovely. But the down side is that they don't have very many colors. It suits my purpose because I only wanna use 4 colors anyway. I saw a lovely regular granny in thread & have always wanted to do one myself. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I've been crocheting for decades, but have somehow never done a hexagon before.
answeetcat 11 years ago
I am using Lion's Brand Baby Soft and a 4.0 hook for my hexes. I'm not crazy about using this thin of a yarn as I am used to thick worsted weight yarns. But the hexes are turning out beautifully, and I really like the result.
just_colleen 11 years ago
Is Rowan a UK brand of yarn? Is it sold in North America?
QuiltsEcosse 11 years ago
Check out their website for stockists
Ldy Pngn 11 years ago
I just started making hexagons this week and I am using Peaches & Creme & Sugar n Cream yarns. I am using up my scrap variegated first and then I will have to figure out where to go from there.
just_colleen 10 years ago
All the yarns I like seem to come from UK, and shipping is just too extravagant. I am looking for an online source in Canada or at least North America...I am looking for a medium to lightweight washable yarn that comes in as many colours as possible, colour variety is my number one consideration and then washability (and price!).
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