Nikographer [Jon] 8:14pm, 4 January 2006
I know some put the links in the description, but I did mine as Notes...

See here:

minwoo 15 years ago
Good idea! But I think it looks better if you resize the notes to fit each image like so :-)
Nikographer [Jon] 15 years ago
I've done that for other images that I added notes to, but I thought when the note was close to the thumbnail size people might not notice the notes... To each his own I guess. :)
marj k 15 years ago
Minmax, doesn't this make it hard to click on the link?
jacqueline-w 15 years ago
Argh, it's impossible to click the links! Guess I'll have to try resizing...
minwoo Posted 15 years ago. Edited by minwoo (member) 15 years ago
D'oh! marjk, you are right. It's fixed now :-}
christyscherrer 15 years ago
and I did mine to fit the image:
most faved of 2005 15 years ago
Notes is the way to go:
i do it like this:
djp72 top 20 2005
jayallen 15 years ago
Oh and here I thought I was being original...

Your 20
fd 15 years ago
Notes are good, but if you make them the same size as the square you can't click them -- try it.
Martin Terber Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Martin Terber (member) 15 years ago
Man thats right - U cant clickem!
If you make them slightly smaller (about 3px) it works...
Julie70 Joyoflife 15 years ago
In the corner, very small is the best, I think, but what a work!
Ctd 2005 15 years ago
I admire the Labor, it is very cool, I do prefer the urls, its simple, the note representing a link is simple too, but the note thing for me is too much work and very distracting when viewing a mosaic. I admire how nikographer put it together.
christyscherrer 15 years ago
now i think the notes are kinda distracting, but still a good way to see the larger photo.
jacqueline-w 15 years ago
I wish you could make the notes themselves links... hmm... I think I'll ramble over to Flickr Ideas...
tschnitzlein 15 years ago
Interesting discussion with helpful tips - but how do I solve the following problem:

I want the link to be hidden behind the picture title, i.e. the note shows the title as a link instead of displaying the link itself.

Any ideas/suggestions anyone?
Kim Scarborough 15 years ago
What's really needed here is a way to make photos imagemaps. Maybe Flickr will add that someday.
Kim Scarborough 15 years ago
tschnitzlein: I'm not 100% sure this is what you mean, but can't you just put the HTML in the note? For example:

<a href="">Title here</a>
medalby 15 years ago
Why not use fdtoys' links they give you as you do the mosaic, as I have done here in the photo's description:

My Top 20 faves of 2005
cmiper Posted 15 years ago. Edited by cmiper (member) 15 years ago
@Jacqueline-w and tschnitzlein

You can do it...check my mosiac in the pool.

I use a greasemonkey script for Firefox and simply select the text I want to link from and click a "Link" button, it pops open a window to put the URL into then click apply.

You can do it this way also...

Create the note you want.
For the text put the following:


Replace LINK_GOES_HERE with the COMPLETE URL of the page you want the clicked link to go to. Make sure to include the "quotes" as above.

Replace NAME_GOES_HERE with the text that you want the link to show as.
Gurugo Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Gurugo (member) 15 years ago
I've used hombre rana's style. It's less intrusive...
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