kellan 5:44pm, 16 April 2008
Got something you'd like to see us cover on the DevBlog? Cool new Flickr hacks, great tutorials, new open source projects, whatever you think folks might be interested in.

Silly Luis 14 years ago
I would love to see:

1 - Detailed explainations of the meaning of the various non-obvious response parameters, p.e. usage in photos.getInfo, etc.
2 - A deep dive into would be mighty fine, too. (to begin with)
3 - Links to all the API kits in active development.
ColleenM 14 years ago
I'd like to see more information for developers about respecting ARR licenses, as well as non-commercial CC.

Far too many issues get raised in the Help Forum because developers are unaware that they can, and should, leave out ARR photos.
waferbaby Posted 14 years ago. Edited by waferbaby (member) 14 years ago
I'd like to know about of the donut API, and would love any advice you could provide relating to donut and donut-related best practises. Kthx!
Brendan =) 14 years ago
How about discussing what is mentioned here.
ropiku2003 14 years ago
More about Flickr Architecture, hacks that you did and other geeky things :P
serff 14 years ago
How about current open source projects? FlickrEdit for example?? ;)

I'd also like to hear about the plans for adding Collections to the Flickr API. Video will be interesting to hear about as well.
I’ve created a pretty nifty photo rating application for flickr. Check it out here: . Hopefully it is going to gain a good following. Is it worth a mention? ;)
ColleenM 14 years ago
Looks cool!
ssinyagin 14 years ago
I've just opened a new topic on what I'd love to get from the developers :)

If needed, I can work on the initial list of requirements for such an environment.
Swansea Snapper 14 years ago
I'd like to see a watermarking tool.

For example, you can write (or draw) a watermark that will be placed onto the image before being uploaded. At the minute, I've got to use a batch watermarker, then take those photos and upload them.

dopiaza 11 years ago
Spam reported.
jakerome 11 years ago
OK, I'm really charkuio... not really. But I did follow the unrepentant spammer over here & happily discovered that it had made a timely bump of this thread. Because, man, I've got a topic for the devblog & maybe regular blog.

While it's well known 99% of Flickr rock iPhones, out in the "real world," nearly 3% of smartphone users choose Palm Pre or other webOS devices. One developer, Shane O'Sullivan, was motivated by the recent HP purchase of Palm to create a best-of-breed mobile Flickr app. He asked for feedback in our Palm Pre group, and several of us happily obliged with our wish lists. Take a look at the thread:

The feature list is amazing (add photos to galleries, batch editing of photos, send photos to groups), and is matched by its elegant interface. From a dev standpoint, I imagine it's fun to see how Shane quickly added all these new features that a few of us were requesting. All the history is in the thread, really. If you use webOS, download the app here: . If you don't, download the webOS emulator and see what the fuss is about.

I think it would make a great entry for the regular blog, too.
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