Sam Judson 10:14am, 11 February 2016
I intend this topic to be for the answer to Frequently Asked Questions.

I will edit this topic to included the questions/answers. If you want something answered, or have an answer to be added them post it below.

My API Key keeps expiring every 24 hours
You appear to be using the API key supplied by the API Explorer. You should get your own key from here:

My photos are not appearing in public searches
Your account needs to have been reviewed. For this to happen you need to have uploaded at least 5 public photos, your account needs to be at least a week old. You can see your safety level status on this page:
You also need to ensure you have not opted out of the Flickr API, on this page:

After page X my results from repeat/are the same
Flickr only returns approx 4000 unique results from a particular set of search parameters. So if you request 100 photos per page, pages 40, 41, 42 etc will all contain the same photos. To get more photos you need to partition the results by changing the search parameters, e.g. get a few months worth of data at a time, or split a large geo-location search into lots of smaller ones covering smaller areas.

Can I download a large quantity of geotagged/other photos
Flickr provides a large dataset of creative commons photos here: A large percentage contain geo-location data.
monireh ghasemi Posted 5 years ago. Edited by monireh ghasemi (member) 5 years ago
thank you for this topic.
i have two questions for third issue ""
first :
i searched set of parameters but look at results:

"photos page="1" pages="6" perpage="500" total="2770""
"photos page="2" pages="6" perpage="500" total="2775""
"photos page="3" pages="6" perpage="500" total="2780""

why number of total images is not constant???

is there way for showing all pages in one page and showing all result at the same time ???
Sam Judson 5 years ago
There is a maximum value for perpage of 500. You cannot get 'all' results at the same time.

I don't know why the total changes - possible because the number of photos is changing (new photos could have been added - you don't say what your search parameters are).

Please start any new questions as a new post.
Catching The Rain Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Catching The Rain (member) 2 years ago
Sam Judson:
Can I download a large quantity of geotagged/other photos

FYI the Yahoo sandbox linked here now has no datasets in the Images category
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