imkejia 2:31am, 8 June 2007
I just read a piece of message on a forum, saying flickr has been filtered out by PRC government. Is that ture?
It was said that you could open the website link, but you couldn't see any photos.
stonesee 14 years ago
Yes, it is ture. I have to see the photos via proxy.
MAOMAO / G 14 years ago
Swiss James 14 years ago
I've heard that something controversial happened in some city or other, and the PRC is trying to make sure no photos of it get out.

~Nisa 14 years ago
What about those that will be posted by people who are visiting?
Abit sala (wrong) way of doing things ?
Pain au pomme de pin 14 years ago
Is it still a surprise to anyone that the mandarins at the PRC communist party practice censorship? tzk tzk tzk....
imkejia Posted 14 years ago. Edited by imkejia (member) 14 years ago
may be somebody should post a new topic on how to use "proxy"
inquisitive ship [deleted] 14 years ago
just try this: if you 've got Firefox: 2.0a1 – 3.0a5.. I installed that add-on and Flickr works fine now. .really thanks for my friend gabyu.....
王小力 14 years ago
kejia: I could not post the flickr pic to my chinese photo blog any more...
take a look at the following link:
dragonroy 14 years ago
Can someone please explain how I can go through a proxy? I don't have firefox (whatever that is!) Just go through my apt server. It is really really pissing me off that I can no longer see any images on flickr. Other photo sites (e.g. photosig) have no problems - only flickr it seems
♫ ♪ zoomy ♪ ♫ 14 years ago
I think firefox is the easiest way to view flickr. Try downloading it from the official site, you could google it and i'm glad to see GFW didn't block Google. I've tried the amazing access flickr add-on, and it really works like a charm....
dragonroy 14 years ago
Excellent - sorted thanks a lot!!
imkejia 14 years ago
@Girlwraith: you can post a firefox download link on your chinese blog. It works well.
imkejia 14 years ago
@ zo0my: I heard that Google is also sensored by GWR. Some of the search results won't show up if you use Google in China. It just sucks!!!
I don't know if the firefox works for other blocked sites. If so, it'll be GREAT!!!!
Dan Bennett2891 14 years ago
you guys are bloody geniuses i love it, i saw this thread and thaught that china may un ban it but they didn't so i have installed this firefox thingie and it is great. i have no idea how to use it but the bypass works and i can see photos again!

thanks all
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