Too many?

ActuallyHawkeye 8:30pm, 19 January 2005
Is how many?

I know Ty enjoys drop a well targeted group pool bomb and after a recent stroll through a local cemetary I wonder how many I should add at a time.
Special 17 years ago
What the heck is wrong with you.. you hardly took any photos at all. Sheesh. heh.

That is quite a bit of photos. I'd first suggest you start by putting them into a set and posting link to set here. Then I'd probably submit them to the pool by fives or tens?
ActuallyHawkeye 17 years ago
will do
Special 17 years ago
Same goes for sepia group. heh.
plucky shelf [deleted]
Hmm ... It can be a bit too easy to spend a day in a cemetery and then go a bit nuts with the uploads, to keep saying to yourself "just one more" ...
fubuki 17 years ago
here's my angle on all that.

this is a photo site. we all enjoy each others work. if you got em, post em. we want to see em.

the whole whine about serial posters seems a bit fake to me. it smacks more of being ticked that your last shot was nudged down the line of the pool (and bemoaning the loss of getting an impulse hit or two) than worrying about the artistic integrity or propriety of the group. i dont look at pools to see my shots, ive seen em. i go to pools to see all of yours - admire, learn, appreciate.

all i would ask of anybody is to showcase the shots you really like as well. but we all do that anyway.

in a subject-centered group like this, the more the better. flickr central, flickr social, sure be a little more selective, make it your top shelf work.

what are your thoughts?
plucky shelf [deleted] 17 years ago
I don't mind myself, as long as the subjects are varied enough. Sometimes I've found myself in other groups waiting around for the other members to contribute so I could keep posting without appearing to monopolize things. Then I realised that was just silly ...
alfarman 17 years ago
I agree with ty,i put a lot of images out because i love what i do .and it is important to learn from others. and i do.
I'm with fubuki. Art is about sharing. Build up the gallery.

Being 'bumped down in the pool' isn't going to stop me from seeing your images anyway. I always go deep when I browse a pool. This is especially true if the first page shows the work of only a few people.
Eric Hunt. 16 years ago
I'm a fence-sitter here. I understand and even agree with fubuki and @lton, but I've seen many many people make comments in discussion forums in various groups that if they see a first page with only one person's work that they move on quickly to another "more diverse" group. The policy varies in the groups I admin.

It's going to become moot in the future - Flickr is working on group admin tools that include posting limits.
Voodoo Zebra 16 years ago
i agree, the more the merrier

whenever i try to trickle photos into a pool i end up forgetting about the rest so only a few ever get in. i'd rather see people fill the pool
Dollymae Dagger 9 years ago
I disagree. Only because there is always one rotten apple out there to spoil the whole bunch.
When I see a pool that is flooded with 4,000 images by just one person, and the rest of the members are averaging 200-300 piece, I will leave that group. Especially when the bomber in question is totally redudant, and lacking in taste and skills.
There is one person in particular who has managed to ruin almost every single graveyard group here on flickr.. I go from group to group looking for cool new pictures and all I see is a monopolization of images by this one hack. It really sucks because things weren't always this way. The hack has managed to take over all groups in just this past year. What a pity.
So I started my own group, which I monitor heavily.
You are lucky it hasn't happened here. This is one of the few groups that is not polluted.
I just wish other graveyard/ cemetery group admin's would wake up and smell the coffee. Just take a good look around.... see for yourself.
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