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groc ADMIN April 20, 2015
Members who post totally off topic pics will now be immediately removed. If you've added a picture to the group and noticed it's suddenly gone - check the Pool Cleaning thread first - chances are it's been removed for a reason. Please DON'T automatically re-add it to the pool, or you'll be removed from the group. We still don't allow camera bags and camera equipment show offs. So don't try.

Group Description

photos of the contents of your bag.

(extra points given for used tissues.)

Here's the Guidelines.

The ideal ‘what’s in your bag’ photo - will have mainly the contents of your bag spread out and the bag itself with notes. Lots and lots of notes.

So simple. (You would think.)

What it won’t have is:

1. More photographic equipment than anything else (AKA PESO = Photographic Equipment Show Off ) - please post such pictures in the ‘What’s in your camera bag’ group.

2. Just the one single item or small number of items that you’re dying to show off to everybody. It’s kind of tacky. No really, it is. (AKA SOSO - Single Object Show Off.) Try "the Items We Carry" group for that.

3. Just a picture of a bag or bags. Please post any such photos in the ‘bag blog’ instead. (AKA JABA - Just A Bag Alone)

4. Any pet or a person sitting in a bag. (AKA PIB Pet/Person in Bag or POP Pet Or Person. That extends to single toys too.)
[Because this group has been going for so long now - that sort of ‘joke’ has been already done quite a few times over and over and over now. It’s very tired, it needs a long, long rest. ]

You can post any cat in a bag pictures to either of these groups Cat in the Bag and/or Cats in Bags/Boxes

5. Items from your pockets - or an 'Everyday Carry'. This is 'what's in your bag' - not 'what's in your pocket'. (AKA WIMP) - again try the "Items we carry" group.

6. WWTT What Where They Thinking? For when someone seemingly adds in any random picture. You'd be surprised how often that happens.

7. No Series of Random Objects (SORO) or collections of things - like a load of yellow objects,

8. Just shopping. No bags of your shopping please. We're about seeing your personal belongings - not your groceries, and that extends to freebies and swag you've picked up at conferences or wherever.

9. No advertising. (NA) Some people have been posting pictures of bags and stuff they make for sale. That's not only extremely tacky - it's also expressively against the flickr and YAHOO terms of service. Try it and you're likely to get banned from the group. Also be warned that if Flickr finds out what you're up to - you might even get your whole flickr account terminated. So just don't. OK?

10. No MUBs No make up bags - there's another group for that.

11. No diptychs or triptychs - we're more about what you carry around with you in your bag than what you look like.

Notice we have acronyms for all these things (PESO, SOSO, JABA, PIB/POP ,WIMP, WWTT, MUB and NA ) and such photos get quietly removed from the pool. Sorry.

Photos that get removed are also archived in the Pool Cleaning discussion.

Now go empty your bag and take a picture of it's contents for us.

Group Rules


This is a group for pictures of the ***contents*** of your personal bag/s only. Nothing else.

Simple enough.

If you post anything totally off topic like a landscape or a portrait or an animal photo you'll be removed from the group.


1. NO Pictures of a single bag or of bags without it's contents.

2. NO Camera bags or just photo equipment.

3. NO single items or small number of things - we want to see *everything* that's in your bag.

4. Absolutely NO pictures of a pet or person sitting in a bag alone -ever.

5. NO photos of your shopping.

6. NO advertising or spam.
(If you make bags or other things to sell - this is not the place to advertise them. Try etsy and ebay etc instead,)

7. No diptychs or triptychs.

8. If you've submitted a picture then notice it's suddenly not in the pool any more - check the pool cleaning thread first - the chances are that it's been removed for a reason - DON'T just add it back in,

Violations to the rules usually get posted in the 'Pool Cleaning' discussion threads as an example of what not to post.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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