Hi all

Nilesh_dd 6:41am, 14 June 2006
Hi all,

As you can see, I've just joined this group and I would like to say a big Hi to all of you.

Hoping to share a lot of tips about our fabulous camera, the N1!

André Gustavo 16 years ago
Hi man, I'm using this camera just for some weeks, so for now, I have a lot of things to learn, but I can say that it is a very powerfull and fabulous camera, as you said!
third toothpaste [deleted] 16 years ago
Hi Nilesh,

I'm owning a DSC-N1 for the second time in 5 months! My first unit got stolen and since I loved it so much, I had to replace it.

Hope you can share some of your tips.

Do you have a blog or website?

Nilesh_dd 16 years ago
Hi AdarshMZ/Andre,

Lets hope to share tips on how can enrich our experience with this cam.

Adarsh, yes, I do have a blog at Do check out some pics over there.(though its not a photo blog).

Also, do you have a blog?

third toothpaste [deleted] 16 years ago
Yep, I've got a blog.

Happy Surfing.

jasonblr 15 years ago
Hi Folks,

I recently got a Sony DSC - N1 and must say I am quite impressed with it's awesome performance.

Will keep you posted!!

Jason S
I blog at
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