Golden Striker 8:57pm, 20 August 2006
Can you tell me if this camera has a fully manual exposure mode? Just to clarify, since digital camera manufacturers all seem to have a different definition of what "manual" mode is, I'm wanting to know if you can hand-select both the aperture and shutter speed (regardless of which ones the camera would've used) and keep them that way through the taking of several photos.

Stat1cs 15 years ago
Hey Golden Striker!

Yip you can, and what makes it really nice is that you can have both the aperture and the shutter speed settings being displayed on the same screen and control them that way.

the shutter is from 1/1000 to 30 sec
but i dont know the exacte values for the aperture

hope it helps
n0wak 15 years ago
The aperture values seem to vary based on other factors, but there are a few options.

The biggest peeves I have with this camera is that on longer exposures, it tends to process the photo TOO LONG and the manu focus options are, well, not very manual -- there are a few predetermined manual focus settings that you can choose and that's it (makes for some weak closeup shots -- something that my five year old Fuji does a lot better, frankly).
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