Jsmyth689 12:32pm, 12 June 2008
Hi there, I've had this camera for over 2 years now, I was wondering does anyone still use it?

I only use it now and again since I got an SLR...
four mitten [deleted] 13 years ago
I do!
Prabhu Ramakrishnan 13 years ago
i do
Vancouver Scenery 13 years ago
I do!
Jsmyth689 13 years ago
Good to see some of you are still using the camera! I took mine to Denmark over the summer, I'll upload a few shots if you would like...
The Art of English Gardens Posted 13 years ago. Edited by The Art of English Gardens (member) 13 years ago
I still like this camera for traveling. It is very good for light.

City of London, England

Venice, Grand Canal

Hong Kong
Jsmyth689 13 years ago
Very nice, I to like it for travelling, it is much handier than an SLR, it slips easily into a pocket...
oktyabr 13 years ago
I use it as my "carry everywhere" pocket cam, especially to frame shots that I want to reshoot with my DSLR at a later time.
famiglia_vienna 13 years ago
Yes I do! This is my "always-with-me" cam for snapshots!
greetz wolfgang
jasonblr 13 years ago
I've been using it for 2+yrs now without any regret. Sometimes the shots that it takes are much much better than my friend's new camera's.

And... the manual mode has got so many tweaks - kinda mini-SLR.

... and another one, is there a better Sony point and shoot out now?

Horse Guards, London
JerryRSun 13 years ago
I still use this camera. Although I haven't owned too many digital cameras, I have been very satisfied with this, and the manual mode is just sick.
John on a Train by JerryRSun

a45StillLady by JerryRSun

81Ascending by JerryRSun
alynek 13 years ago
i do!
i love my camera!
Bev & Paul Mynott 12 years ago
I still use this camera a lot - it is portable and takes great shots. We were in Palma cathedral last year and I just couldn't get a decent shot with my Canon DSLR, but the Sony produced great shots!
I love this little camera.
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