shuttersteve 11:35pm, 28 December 2006
Hello all:

Congratulations on getting yourselves one of the coolest new camera's out there. Photos look great so far.

I am currently looking to purchase my first DSLR and am interested in the D40 but I am 6'-5" tall and have large hands. When comparing the D40 to the D50 it feels a bit small and I get the feeling that I need to curl the fingers on my right hand to hold it whereas the D50 feels much more natural and fills the palm better. I am looking for input from anyone who may have larger hands or has an opinion on the "fit" of a camera and how much it actually matters.

powerful silk [deleted] 15 years ago
I have decent size hands @ 6' and the D40 feels great... i have shot with the D50 and it is larger both in size and weight... if the D40 didnt exist id be using the D50

but i feel this is one of those youll have to figure out for yourself.. sounds like the D50 will be more of a natural extension and your fingers/hand may not cramp or whatever
DottieboBottie 15 years ago
My fingers are super long (seriously...I can palm a basketball) and I have no problems with it. I wanted a smaller DSLR to carry around, so this works great for me. I just needed to adjust the way I held the camera...looks a bit odd, but it works for me.
shuttersteve 15 years ago
Thanks 1-8 and Dottie!

Dottie: I can definitely see the difference in your photos from the Kodak to the Nikon. What a difference! You must be very pleased. Now..the question is...splurge for the D80 and be able to AF with the 50MM 1.8 or just get used to holding the smaller D40, save some $, and just keep things much simpler?????

I really enjoy taking "street shots" and am currently using a P&S. I am new to flickr so don't have any shots to show other than a few vacation pics I put up for a test on my last trip to Taiwan.
DottieboBottie 15 years ago
I will tell you what the guy from Nikon told me at a trade show: If the size of the camera makes you not want to carry it with you, don't buy it. If you feel that you wil be comfortable carrying around the D80, I say go for it. I almost bought one, but I like the smaller size of the D40.
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